Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm it!

Courtney tagged me and I've been excited to report the...

3 Names I Go By: Marie, Mommy-Marey, Babe
3 Restaurants That I Love: Cafe Rio, Bajios, Olive Garden
3 Trips to Plan on This Year: Germany for Christmas, and that's it for this year. No trips planned yet for next year, but I'm really hoping to get down to UT to see my sisters and other family and friends.
3 Things I Want Badly: Money would definitely quench all my material wants, and I have to agree with Court--I would love better hair, and more time in a day.
3 People Who Will Do This: I have no clue.
3 Pets I Have Had: Skippy, a Cocker Spaniel; Fluffy, a white rabbit; and a turtle...can't remember his name. I'm really not a pet person.
3 Things I Did Yesterday: I can't remember! No, what did I do...I went to Goodwill and got some props for pictures, I finished my poem, ate Randi's yummy pumpkin pie, wished my sister a happy birthday and pouted because my kids wouldn't nap!
3 Things I Ate Today: Spaghetti with whole grain pasta--it was actually really yummy! I ate lots of toffee, also very yummy, and I ate two bowls of cereal-- pretty typical for me.
3 Things I Plan on Doing Tomorrow: take pictures of the Thorley kids--so nervous and excited about that! Take pictures of corsages and boutonnieres for Flowers to Go, also exciting stuff!
3 Favorite Holidays: Christmas, my birthday (my holiday), and all the holidays where Magnet doesn't have to work
3 Favorite Drinks: OJ, water, and hot chocolate

K, I tag Melissa P., Anna and Suzie!!


  1. can't wait to see your pics from your session, you will do great, just try and relax, take your time and ENJOY yourself :)!!

  2. Apparently I can't count! I answered five things for one question and two for another. haha, I never was good at math!

  3. Am I still Melissa P to you? haha I still am legally so why not, right??

  4. I was pouting yesterday too...because my kiddies wouldn't nap like I wanted them to. Needless to say, I didn't get a lot done with them up the whole time.

  5. ha ha that's funny that you go by Mommy Marie, Addy calls me mommy claire too. And that's awesome you are taking pictures for flowers to go, good luck with your other ones too, I am sure you will do a great job!

  6. Cute! Fun read! I'm excited to see your pictures from the next session--I know you'll do just wonderfully!




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