Friday, October 10, 2008

In Those Days

Mister Mag and I spent our first anniversary in Interlaken, Switzerland, and if you've ever been to Switzerland you know it's a place impossible to remember vaguely. Every inch of it is a clean vivid. The mountains spear the fresh air at neck-straining heights. The surplus of waterfalls looks out of place in mortality. The orderly and slow pace of the country is a refreshing misfit in our busy and chaotic modern world.

On a Sunday afternoon we left our cozy chalet just after a startling summer thunderstorm and went for a walk. We followed a curvy path out of town and into a thickly forested area where all we could hear were the moos of grazing cows mixed with the bobble of their bells clanging. The air was wet and the clouds were low and misty in our path. If it had been a normal walk we'd have talked, but the stillness of nature hushed and spoke to us, instead.

As I listened, I felt like I'd entered a heavenly place, surrounded by vibrancy--the colors, the smells, the feelings--everything radiant. It felt familiar, this place, and reminded me of something I can't remember--my life before now, my home before Earth.

In those days, did I know Magnet? Were we friends? Did we vow to help each other through mortality? Did we choose our children? Did they choose us? Sometimes it sure feels like it. Somewhere in the cornerstones of my memory, my spirit remembers those days. Not the details, but the feelings. And every once in awhile a something--a smile, a look, a place-- triggers my soul's recollection of my far-reaching history. It's something hard to explain, yet so widely felt.


  1. can you say deep!! wow, beautiful, i need to pay more attention!! i didn't want this one to end!!

  2. Beautifully written. Made me want to go back to Switzerland (Germany, etc.) - but who needs to go when we can just read your wonderful descriptions. Lovely part about pre-earth life as well. Such talent!! Love you girl!!

  3. Oh, Marie. I'm a little bit teary-eyed. I'm blessed to know you, you know that? Really blessed to know you. I've never seen those particular feelings, those almost-sacred feelings, phrased so perfectly and eloquently. Your words called to mind my favorite hymn, "If You Could Hie to Kolob", but most especially a phrase from "O My Father": 'For a wise and glorious purpose thou hast placed me here on earth and withheld the recollection of my former friends and birth; yet ofttimes a secret something whispered, "You're a stranger here," and I felt that I had wandered from a more exalted sphere.'




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