Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Night is Falling

This past weekend was different. I didn't wear makeup for two days straight, and though I showered, I jumped back into some fresh and cozy jammies on both Saturday and Sunday. It felt similar to sliding under just-washed sheets after you've just showered, all shaved and lotioned up--heavenly. I also managed to get two naps in on Sunday. It was all quite refreshing and definitely different.

Still, we'd been bottled in the house all weekend and needed to come up for some fresh air, and so Sunday night we decided to go for an evening walk. Maggie accurately pointed out that the "dark was coming" and so we hurriedly ate our dinner before it was too late. The rest of the fam, all dressed and ready to go, waited patiently as I shimmied into some jeans, stenciled my eyelashes with eyeliner and trapped my frizz in a hair tie.

And out we went into the gusty, bitter cold. The sun had just about said "so long" for the day as I tried to talk Isabella into taking some umbrella pictures in the last of the light. I got a few shots, but nothing too excitable. We kept walking. A few houses past ours, I was ready to cancel our trip to the forest and go back home, but I shivered as my opinion was outnumbered. And we kept on walking.

We acted as though it were a perfectly normal time of day to be out for a walk--we did all the normal things: Magnet counted the houses that were up for sale as he passed some business ideas by me, Maggie and Magson quietly enjoyed the stroll, and I stopped the caravan every few minutes to take another picture of this and that.

The evening was soon black and we weren't home yet. We were the crazies of the neighborhood out for a stroll. I realized just how crazy we were when a man stepped out of his house and let his two huge dogs loose, certainly shocked to see a young family out in the drizzle so late. He reigned his mammoth dogs back in and we moved our legs in triple time. Next we passed some spooky Halloween decorations, and I realized from the crisp air that summer was really over, that night had fallen on our evening walk, and we weren't at home.

I silently thanked God for our shelter waiting for us just a few blocks away and thought of those without homes. I shut our garage door behind me with extra care as I gratefully entered a favorite place.


  1. goodness...you were up late writing that! ours was one of the scary houses, huh? =) I was fully expecting to see some more of your pictures!

  2. Night-time walks with Mark and the pups are my favorite, especially when it's a cool evening...best for snuggling!

  3. i love that one!! made me want to go take a hot shower and jump in my jammies and take a nap. funny because i am already in my jammies and it is almost bedtime :)!! i felt like was there watching you guys, you paint such a vivid picture!




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