Sunday, October 12, 2008

Once Upon a Time...

On a Sunday afternoon, just before naptime, a little princess scanned her books with eager eyes. What would she choose today? Dr. Suess? Fancy Nancy? Curious George? Alas, she finally picked. Today she tucked her nose behind Cinderella.


  1. adorable, so cute, LOVE the last one, so precious, you captured a sweet moment!!

  2. Marie,
    You seriously need to go into business...specializing in children. You capture their precious innocence in such a beautiful way. Your photographs hold so much emotion.

  3. Hey there, fun to catch up and loved reading your stories!

  4. Marie, you rock!! These are absolutely gorgeous. I love that your photography tells a story. Breathtaking.

  5. So I've been away for awhile--and I love your blog combo! I eagerly await both your photos and your beautifully written thoughts--you've inspired me to be more assertive about jotting down what I'm thinking--so thanks for sharing your talents, loves and awe-inspiring thoughts!

  6. Aw, I love these pics of Bella! She's so adorable and I'm really loving the awesome pictures your camera takes! You've certainly got a knack for photography!!




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