Saturday, October 4, 2008

Post Downpour

Wal-mart ad, anyone?

I'll be returning these too cute rainboots I bought for Maggie because they're the wrong size. But I couldn't resist this moment, hence the pricetag and rope attachment in some of these pictures.

After we came inside from our spontaneous and hurried 10-minute photoshoot right before the first session of General Conference Maggie said, "Can I have a treat for taking a picture?" What on earth? I've never given her treats for letting me take her picture before. Why would she even think that? I guess she's learning how valuable she is to me when it comes to picture-taking. She's demanding her pay.

Go stand in the street? Whatever, Mom. :)


  1. Marie!!! You have oodles of natural talent for photography! You've started off with a bang! I love the pink and blue in the last picture, and I love the composition of all of them. So darling!

  2. the first one is the best, very cute, love the boots! good work!

  3. So are these w/ your new lense? Have you gotten it yet?

  4. No, actually. I took those pictures yesterday morning and got my new lens yesterday afternoon. I've been playing around with the new lens and really love it so far!

  5. great pics - Too Cute To Boot!!

  6. We have the same boots! I haven't taken any cute pics with them, though. What a fab idea! You're sooo creative! :)

  7. you are so creative. i love your pictures.




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