Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy Lady Shopping

My friend refers to shopping on Black Friday as "crazy lady shopping." I think it's such a fitting phrase! My sisters and I followed the crowds and went shopping in the wee hours of Friday morning--a first for all three of us, and I just wanted to report my feelings and what I learned from the experience:

1. Don't bring your sister who's penniless and isn't a morning person. She ended up standing in the ridiculously long lines while we shopped, and we kept calling her cell to trace each other so we could regroup. It all made her grumpy and sleepy-- so much the party pooper, that after the first store she spent the rest of the morning sandwiched in the backseat of my car, snoozing.

2. It's not just "crazy ladies" up and at 'em. I saw many a male shopping, and they looked as giddy as any crazy lady.

3. Us sisters literally rolled out of bed, threw some clothes on and zombied our way into my car, fully expecting to see fellow crazies looking equally as groggy as we did. Um, not so much. Most everyone looked all showered and done up! I was shocked and prayed not to run into anyone I knew.

4. We didn't get any earth-shattering deals because we didn't go to places where you could get trampled-to-death or shot down--did you hear about those two incidents at Wal-mart and Toys R Us? My gosh! I couldn't believe it. No wonder it's called Black Friday. I was thinking we'd done it all wrong by not going to Wal-mart or Circuit City first, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise that we didn't!

5. Finally, early-morning shopping triggers a range of emotions. First, you wake up feeling apprehensive and cycle the words, "it's gonna be worth it, it's gonna be worth it, it's gonna be worth it" through your mind to get you out the door. Second, you pull out of your driveway and feel like you're racing every other car on the road for the stores. Third, you get there and speed walk into your first store to find that there is still plenty of what you came for, which makes you feel relieved and disappointed at the same time. Fourth, you snatch up your deals and then get in line as the reality of how tired and beat you are settles in. And you get grumpy, really grumpy.

6. I guess I learned one more thing: your day is shot. You'll be much too exhausted to do anything else.

All in all, I might do it again next year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Sisterhood

I suspect I'll be showing you lots of pictures of my beautiful sisters over the holidays. Aunt Lulu and Aunt Emma are visiting for Thanksgiving, which means lots of ice cream, shopping, laughing, chic flicks, late nights, Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, squeezes, sister sarcasm, singing, chips and guacamole, and lovin' on the babies. I'm so thankful I get to spend Thanksgiving with them. They rocked as models this afternoon. I can't wait to get my little sister Lissie in the mix when we go home for Christmas--miss you, Liz! And Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Grammar Girl

I'm happy to announce that not all grammar books are a tedious read! Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss is actually chuckle-to-yourself funny and enjoyably educational.

We read and discussed it for this month's book club and my grammar ghosts have been haunting me ever since. I've been particularly spooked these last few days because someone said to me (in reference to my blog), "I'm just glad you learned how to spell quesadilla!" And she went on to tell me that I was incorrect by spelling "voila" as w-a-l-a. Oops! While my friend's tips were a healthy yet painful jab to my pride, I'm thankful to have things like that pointed out to me--it makes me a stronger writer and it makes grammar/spelling sticklers happier, and I'm an aspiring stickler myself. So, anyone who reads my blog and cringes when I misspell or mispunctuate, please feel free to speak up. I welcome and appreciate it!

Anyway, I tossed my grammar questions into the pot of punctuation discussion we had stewing at book club the other night and got some good answers, but I still came home uncertain and confused about a few things, and I think I managed to spark some confusion myself. So, I picked my three most nagging grammar questions and went on the hunt for some solid answers that I understand, and thought I'd share my finds with you. I'm hoping I'm not the only one who could use a refresher course in grammarese.

MAG's Grammar Q&A:

Q: I've heard and read that commas and periods always go inside quotation marks, but I so often see punctuation, especially commas, outside of quotation marks. What's up with that? Are there exceptions to that rule? I hate exceptions!

A: According to Media Writer's Handbook by George T. Arnold: Place commas and periods inside closing quotation marks. For example, "This is a moment I'll remember forever," the winner of the Pulitzer Prize said.

Avoid writing sentences like this:

Asked whether she would play in the tennis tournament even though she was injured, the star player said, "absolutely".

Or this:

"She said playing with an injured elbow "doesn't bother me", and she went on to win the match in straight sets.

*This book also said to be aware that those outside the journalism and mass communications fields may not always place periods and commas inside quotation marks--no wonder I've been so confused! Not everyone has had my journalism style of an upbringing. And the book I'm referencing simply said avoid, not "don't you dare ever put commas and periods outside of quotation marks."

Q: This question may sound ambiguous, but I'm confused about the word "too." So often I see sentences like this:

Molly went to the store, too.


I want some ice cream, too.

(Maybe I see so many commas before the word "too" because I'm always writing them!) Is this correct? Should there be a comma in front of the word "too"? Mom???)

A: I searched and searched for an answer and found that I'm not the only one confused by this--it seems to be a matter of style and whether you want your reader to pause or not. I'll link you to what the Chicago Manual of Style Online has to say about this. So, I think I've been using commas before the word "too" a little too feverishly. It wouldn't be wrong to do so, but it isn't necessary unless you want the reader to pause for emphasis. Here's another helpful link: The Grammar Exchange.

I think I'll be omitting my commas before "too" from here on out! My bad.

Q: Back in college, I can remember getting emails from student editors that would say, "Hey comma Marie comma," or "Hi comma Marie comma." Are those commas after "hey" and "hi" really necessary? Is there a rule about it? You wouldn't write "Dear comma John comma," right? Help! I've always assumed those editors were right, but maybe they've led me astray.

A: I couldn't find an answer, so do any of you know??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Extra Lovin'

I'm sure I'm in poor form, how I'm carrying Liam in this baby carrier, but he's huge! It's hard to get him all propped up properly, but anyway. This baby carrier has been such a lifesaver the last few days because Magson has wanted nothing to do with sitting on the floor and everything to do with me carrying him. This baby carrier has helped me dodge a few scream sessions, thank goodness. Plus it forces him to snuggle up to me--he's normally much too wiggly for kissy/huggy business. With the carrier, he's strapped to me just right for some extra lovin'.

I was really wanting one of these when he was a newborn, but I just didn't want to fork over the cash to buy one that I liked. I pounced on the opportunity to learn how to make them from my friend Janna. (Thanks, Janna!) I'd love to share instructions, but I'm clueless as to how to scan an oversized pattern into my computer. If anyone knows how to do that, I'd love to share this easy pattern with you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Window has Many Views...

As I delve into photography and the all-consuming editing process, I'm going through pictures and finding little treasures, and fast realizing that a window has many views, thanks to cropping and zooming and texturizing--more fun! Thought I'd share some with you, and then also, I thought I'd jot down Maggie's bedtime prayer tonight--her window to heaven is so yummy!

Maggie (speed-talking):
Dear Heavenly Father,
I love Daddy.
I love Mommy.
I love Magson.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Me, prompting her to be more thoughtful and to slow down: Well, are you thankful for anything?

Maggie, much slower and deliberately:
Dear Heavenly Father,
I'm thankful for chocolate milk...
I'm thankful for chocolate pizza...
I'm thankful for chocolate quesadillas...
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Me: Amen!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dream Team

Aren't these guys beautiful? They were a dream to capture! I couldn't believe how many pictures I had of that doll of a baby looking right at the camera...lucky me! PS. This is my cute friend Jill that I keep copying...doesn't she look like a movie star? I think so, and I want her hair, too. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh Me, Oh My!

The nervousness I felt this morning before my shoot of my gorgeous (look at her hair!) friend Melissa and her adorable kiddies was similar to the heart-racing adrenaline rush that I used to get before gymnastics meets as a kid--love and hate that feeling because it means I'm either going to be on a photo high because it went well or depressed for a week because it didn't.

But wala! I think it went great, and every time I see some of these pictures my heart starts racing again. You guys, I can't even tell how much fun this is for me. It's so stinkin' fun that I'm tempted to neglect more important things in my life--which would be bad. So. That said, I'm off to snuggle up with my hubby and get far away from the pull of this computer. I have a headache and my eyes are straining to see the screen. But still. Oh me, oh my, I can't wait to get out and take more pictures!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I peeked in on Maggie napping this afternoon and this is what I found. This is not an uncommon sight--her dreaming beneath a book. It always makes me smile to see her fall asleep like this, but today it made me smile and pout--smile for obvious reasons and pout from jealousy. I'm off to find the perfect lullaby of a book to hush me to sleep...good night!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remember an Afternoon...

I'm sad to say that Magnet's grandpa died suddenly last week from a heart attack. While I'm just the granddaughter-in-law, I loved him and will miss that sweet, kinda shy smile he always gave away.

And when my kids, especially baby Magson--who was named after Magnet, who was named after Magnet's dad, who was named after Magnet's grandpa (who just passed)-- someday ask me to tell them what their great grandpa was like, I'll likely remember an afternoon last October, and tell them about the time their great grandpa came over to fix our broken dryer.

We'd just moved into our house and had furnished the laundry closet with used appliances. Magnet hooked everything up and I tossed a wet load in. The clothes went for a whirl but took hours to dry. Our "new" dryer was kaput.

Grandpa caught word and came over to try to fix it--he was an electrician by profession. While he worked away, Grandma read a stack of books to Maggie as I relaxed on the couch and felt my unborn Magson kick me from the inside. We'd call up to him now and then when it got really quiet. About an hour later he finally came downstairs to say that he needed some more tools. They left, but before long Grandpa returned with his big tool box.

He ended up taking apart the dryer, but couldn't put it back together again because one of the screws fell down inside the dryer. I think it just about killed him inside that he wasn't able to fix the dryer, for one thing, and also that he couldn't reassemble the "mess" he'd made due to losing the screw. I told him not to worry about it--the dryer was likely going to the dump anyway, but he insisted that he'd be back a third time to clean up and put things back together.

He was back again the next day. Again and again, he went up and down that flight of stairs, which was not easy for him in his old age. He had to stop and rest; he had to take breathers now and then. At last, he smacked the dryer out of frustration and finally told me we probably just ought to get a new dryer. I smiled and knew right then that I'd won a memory, my favorite of Grandpa.

Maybe you wonder why I tell this story...

It's because that afternoon, without words, Grandpa clearly told me that he loved us. He so wanted to be able to fix that darn* (perhaps he used a different word?) dryer for us. He also worked extremely hard, and it became apparent to me, as he so diligently worked on our dryer, that his work ethic has passed on to his children and his children's children and hopefully to my children!

This story has also stuck with me because it taught me that while saying the words, "I love you" is sweet on the ears, it's sweeter on the soul to be shown that someone loves you.

I can't wait to cuddle Maggie and Magson up to me one day and travel my memory back to an afternoon in October of 2007. We'll press pause on that afternoon, and I'll tell them that their great grandpa knew the value of hard work--that that's where their Grandpa Magnet and Daddy Magnet learned it, and I'll tell them that great grandpa knew that showing someone you love them means more than the eight letters in the phrase, "I love you."

We'll miss you, Grandpa!

This is a picture of Magnet's family, right before we went to the grave site this afternoon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meet the MAGS

(Post edit: AJ (Will's Aunt Julie) suggested Magson instead of Magster, and I love that! So, the babe will be Magson!)

I'm no longer private in the blogging world, and I think I'm OK with that, but to be more protective of my little family, I've decided to go code. You've probably figured out that M.A.G. is my initials, so that's me--Mag. And from here on out I'll refer to my handsome husband as Magnet, my darling three-year-old daughter as Maggie (which means Pearl--aw), and my big bundle of a baby boy as Magster.

Funny story: I came across the word "magnum" yesterday when I was trying to think up a name for my baby boy. The off-hand, random definition I saw said magnum meant "big." I thought that was the perfect code name for my off-the-charts chunker. But then when I went to to look up the definition again tonight, all the definitions revolved around big bottles of wine and cartridges containing explosives, so I decided to scratch Magnum and call him Magster, instead. But I like the ring of Magnum much better than Magster. I'm so disappointed! So, Magster's code name is very well subject to change and I welcome suggestions!

To wrap up the introductions, I thought it would be fun to quote something we've each said a lot lately:

Mag: "Gentle!!!"

I say this constantly to both Maggie and Magster. They seem to want to smother each other in a tug-of-war sort of love. Magster does a lot of hair-pulling and Maggie pushes him around like he's one of her plastic dolls.

Magnet: "...Sweetie."

Lately, Magnet uses the word "sweetie" more than any other word. He ends almost every sentence said to Maggie with "Sweetie." For example, "Go wash your hands, Sweetie" or "Did you flush the toilet, Sweetie?" (What a sweetie. :))

Maggie (speaking to me): "You love daddy and I love 'Magster'."

And one more, because she's just so quotable. This is actually something she started singing today, to the tune of Frere Jacques:

"Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, I love you. I love you. You are so swee-eet. You are so swee-eet. Yes, it's true. Yes, it's true."

I was very much speechless when I heard her singing that. I like Sarah Palin and all, and I guess I bring her up in conversation from time to time, but hello? I didn't think I talked enough about her to warrant lyrics and a tune from a three-year-old! Lucky for Palin, there are some kind words spoken of her around here, much to the media's dissatisfaction, I'm sure.

Magster: "pfffffffffffffffffffffff, pfffffffffffffffff, pffffffffffffffffff" That's my attempt at quoting what his spitting sounds like. Insert some bubbles and I think I've done the job.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I love to write, although I'm sad to say, I don't practice enough. But from time to time on this blog, I post some of the essays/lyrics/poems/stories I've been working on.

Below is my most recent project--some song lyrics I wrote about my three kids. The music is written and sung by my fabulous little sister, Lissie.

You can listen to her sing Pixie Dust HERE and my lyrics are below:

Pixie Dust

I stand back and sigh at the torrent of toys
That keep cluttering our living room floor,
Scoot it aside, plop down in the middle of the mess.
My kids' make believe-play is the background noise.

I flip through the pages of a magazine,
Inside its cover, I see picture perfect things--
Everything put together and pretty.
I imagine myself in one of those scenes.

But he says: “I wanna hold you” as his arms reach up to me
She says my baby girl “is the cutest piece of pixie dust in the whole world”
And I say “I wanna story book my babies' childhoods,
So that someday, it'll all come back to me”

Legs crossed, chin in hand, I look over at them,
I smile as she mimics me on her fancy phone,
He claps a hand to his ear and answers big sis,
Both unconscious of their flawless beauty.

My baby's dimpled hands crawl to me,
I lift her high, see her bright eyes so happy,
She squeals with laughter as I gobble her chin,
And my life lights up with love, pure love.

Cuz he says: “I wanna hold you” as his arms reach up to me,
She says my baby girl “is the cutest piece of pixie dust in the whole world”
And I say “I wanna storybook my babies' childhoods,
So that someday, it'll all come back to me.”

Fingerprints on the walls,
Crumbs all over the floor,
Laundry pile so tall,
I think I might fall over.
Way too often am I,
Overwhelmed by this life,
Yes, their scribbles have made it
Into these pages.

But oh so soon, I'll ache for little hands,
I'll miss reading bedtime stories and watching them sleep,
I'll miss the patter of their little steps,
Or the feeling of them tugging on my jeans.

Love how he says: “I wanna hold you” as his arms reach up to me,
She says my baby girl “is the cutest piece of pixie dust in the whole world”
And I say “I wanna storybook my babies' childhoods,
So that someday, it'll all come back to me.”

I want it all to come back to me.

And I'll secretly stash
Some of their pixie dust
And I'll fly myself back,
To when I loved everything.

And if you want to see her sing it on YouTube, head on over!

And the Winner Is...

*CRYSTAL* Congrats, girl! Email me your address and I'll get them in the mail asap. I hope your nieces love them. I can't believe how much fun this was for me to do. I seriously got so nervous drawing the names. I think I'm taking this all much too seriously!

And for the rest of you that would like to make them, here's how: (It's super easy!)

Materials Needed:

  • felt (my friend Jill uses textured felt, and it looks really great)
  • embroidery thread
  • needle
  • button
  • clips from a craft store (not the alligator clips, but the snappy ones)
  • a coordinating material (optional)
  • flower pattern (I just searched google images until I found one I liked, and then traced it from my computer onto some computer paper and cut it out.)


  • Fold felt in half and then pin flower pattern to felt and cut out two flowers.
  • Trace a circle onto single piece of felt or coordinating fabric and then cut it out. (I used the bottom of a small spool of thread to trace my circle.)
  • You'll probably want to half the string on the embroidery thread so it's not quite so thick and then stitch the circle of fabric or coordinating material onto the middle of the felt flower.

  • Put button on the middle of circle and attach it to the circle and flower.
  • Take the second felt flower (the bottom) and use the holes on the clip to sew it to the felt.
  • Next you attach the top flower and bottom flower using a blanket stitch.
  • And voila! You're done. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Showers of All Sorts

I know not all of you are from the rainy state of WA, and be grateful for that this week, because see this little picture?
That is our constant forecast for the next four days, at least! There hasn't been a break in the drops today, and I'm not counting on it stopping. So, as I've been cooped inside on a little crafty kick, I got to thinking I'd like to shower someone with a gift:

Maybe nobody will want it, but if you do, leave me a comment and in a few days I'll draw names and hand it out to the winner, or mail it if you don't live in this wet land. Even if you don't have a little girl to use these clips on, they could make a cute gift! And when I announce the winner, I'll also blog instructions so you can make them, too, if you want. You can probably figure it out just by looking, but I'll tell you how anyway.

Oh, and I can take no credit whatsoever for thinking these adorable clips up. It was my friend Jill again. If her blog weren't private I'd give you the link. She's the cutest!
And lest you think Washington is all gloom, here is a itty peek at some of the leaves we've been showered with and why I LOVE it here and don't ever want to move:

Happy Thursday in November!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

{What to Wear}

Wardrobe is key in creating pictures with a wow factor. Below are some ideas and suggestions of apparel I love, but I welcome and encourage you to personalize my ideas in a way that is true to you. I love photos that are fresh with personality and style. If you're unsure or have questions about what you're considering to wear, feel free to contact me. I love being in on a good outfit!

{On newborns, I love:}

Blankets with texture
Meaningful props and trinkets

{On little girls, I love:}

Tights (except for white)
Leg Warmers
Rich, bright colors

{On little boys, I love}

Hats, especially newsboy caps
Collared shirts

{For Senior Portraits, I love}

Accessories: necklaces, bracelets, headbands...

{Coordinating Clothing for a Family:}

Don’t dress identically
Wear similar tones and hues, but mix things up!
Dark jeans and textures (corduroy, knits, ruffles, buttons etc.) photograph great

{In General}

Layers (jackets, scarves etc.) are always good. They add depth and character to a photo.
Avoid clothing with characters and text on them.
Long sleeves tend to photograph well, but they aren't a must.
Avoid small floral patterns. I love them in life, but they don't photograph that well.
Wear colors that compliment your skin tone and that you look and feel good in.
Also try to wear colors that compliment the hues in your home, so when you hang up that family portrait it can accentuate your home decor.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Sun is Rising

Long before dawn, and well before the pesty ring of my 6am alarm, my 7-month-old wakes up ready to begin the day. But I'm too unrested to do anything but tuck him in bed with me for the last two hours or so of my cherished sleep time. He nurses on and off, bites me here and there. He scratches my face, pulls my hair, and kicks me as rhythmically as an alarm...beep-beep beep-beep (KICK MOMMY), beep-beep beep-beep (KICK MOMMY). "Let's get up now" he says with his finger nails, his death grip on my hair, and his jousts to my side.

My sweet baby turns into a big bully, really.

You'd think I'd do anything to avoid such a painful and unpleasant situation, but I'm much too sleepy to stop him. I just take the abuse until I can't stand it any longer, and then I get up long before the sun has risen. But once I'm on my feet, something mirculous happens: I hop on my elliptical for 30 minutes with my nose in a book or lift weights (my whoppin' 8-pounders) and Magson transforms from bully to breezy baby as he watches me exercise away.

I wouldn't think too much of this except that I've been asking the Lord for quite sometime now to help me get up earlier so I can squeeze workouts and reading back into my daily rotation. I knew it was going to take some divine intervention because I'm a professional alarm clock ignorer, but I was not expecting God to have my baby quite literally kick me out of bed. But what can I say? God really does work in mysterious ways, and I'm so happy with the routine we've got going. And while the initial fall-off-the-mattress moment isn't fun--especially in the dark, the sun is rising in my little world; I'm improving, and that extra light in my life feels really good.

PS. I never did post Halloween pictures on here (Happy Halloween!), but I thought Magson dressed up as a football player was fitting for this post, and Maggie's my little cheerleader. It's amazing the different ways my little ones can motivate and inspire me. Like today Maggie got hold of the Windex and a towel and went washing away at our dirty windows and said, "I'm cleaning all of it because I love you sooooo much!" And I thought, That's why I keep cleaning up around here, because I love them so much. Love can make the chores of life so worth it!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Behind the Scenes and Bloopers

Before I take you behind the scenes for some commentary and bloopers, here are some favorite candids and group shots.

And now, for behind the scenes:

Monday: Desperate for a nearby spot, I felt inclined to trespass into the woods behind our neighborhood where I found some beautiful landscapes. I spent the morning taking pictures of my kids back there as the vision of my first photo shoot began to unfold. My hopes were high; spirits were good.

Tuesday: While my girl was at preschool, I peeked in at Goodwill in hopes of finding something--anything--to give my pictures some extra flare. The furniture was half off and I scoured for a chair of some sort to haul back into the woods. I've seen some great outdoor shots with kids propped on velvety chairs out in nature... the best I could find was an old (OLD) mustardy orange couch-potato chair that I somehow transfigured in my optimistic imagination to be the perfect chair. I also found this old, foul-smelling treasure chest-looking shrunk filled with spooky crosses that I thought would also be adorable for my three little models to prop themselves atop. And then with a little more detective work I found an old-school red suitcase that I envisioned the boys holding. It totaled to be a $30 purchase.

But for my marriage's sake, I gave Magnet a ring before I purchased it all and asked him if he'd mind swinging by Goodwill that night to pick up my oversized soon-to-be purchases. I assured him that everything was returnable and that these little (big) gadgets were needed photo flare. He said, "Sure, I can probably do that." He was even a little excited/interested as I dressed up the descriptions of my findings:

"I found this old chair, and it's a prettyish yellowish orange color that will match the fall colors that are out. I've seen a lot of photographers do something like this. I think it'll be great!" (I failed to mention the stinky suitcase and shrunk.)

That night he went to Goodwill and when he saw "the junk," he said he thought I was "challenged." "I could not believe what I was looking at!" he emphatically told me when he returned home. "And when I smelled the stuff and loaded it in the car, I almost took it back right then."
"I knew you were going to think that," I quickly responded. "But you won't even notice its dinginess in the pictures once I have these cute kids around it out in beautiful fall nature. Let me show you some examples of what I'm talking about." I pulled up the professional pictures I was trying to mime only to find beautiful old Victorian-looking chairs that were attractive in color and made of beautiful wood. We laughed hysterically together at the difference between those chairs and the one stinking up his trunk, me laughing almost to tears.

Wednesday: I went on another trip to the forest behind our neighborhood and talked Magnet into hauling the chair out there to do a test run. I really felt like I was a loony trespasser as there was a construction worker who eyed us suspiciously as we transported ourselves and our junk into this off-limits area. I figured if it was really so off-limits, he would say something. There was no comment, just lots of blushing on my part.

I took hundreds of pictures of the chair out in nature, and at the end of the day it was unanimous that that chair had no business being in any picture.

I came home and continued to prepare for the next-day shoot. I wrote a detailed pose lineup--everything looking brilliant in my mind. I also wrote out a list of too funny jokes to elicit genuine laughter from the little guys. I had so many ideas. I didn't know how I would have time to do it all, and I didn't have time to do it all. :(

Thursday/Picture Day: After a fitful night's rest I woke up and finished getting ready. My heart raced with excitement. We got out to the woods and I remembered shamefully that I was sneaking my little subjects "across the border" sort of speak. Oops. I took them to the first spot, a fallen tree trunk and asked them to climb on up, but none of these sweeties wanted to get dirty! I told them my jokes and the joyous giggles I had envisioned were nada. The little nerd candies I had their mom hand out were quite the hit, though a bit distracting. And keeping them all in the same frame? Next to impossible! My vision was crumbling before my eyes. Still, I had a great time! And managed to get some good ones. Thanks again, friends, for being my first little models. I learned a ton and had some fun, too!

PS. We're all resting better, the junk has been returned to Goodwill! And I have an all-new respect for people who take great group shots of kids, and now realize why I have few if any good pictures of my two little monkeys in a picture together. It's hard work!



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