Monday, November 10, 2008

And the Winner Is...

*CRYSTAL* Congrats, girl! Email me your address and I'll get them in the mail asap. I hope your nieces love them. I can't believe how much fun this was for me to do. I seriously got so nervous drawing the names. I think I'm taking this all much too seriously!

And for the rest of you that would like to make them, here's how: (It's super easy!)

Materials Needed:

  • felt (my friend Jill uses textured felt, and it looks really great)
  • embroidery thread
  • needle
  • button
  • clips from a craft store (not the alligator clips, but the snappy ones)
  • a coordinating material (optional)
  • flower pattern (I just searched google images until I found one I liked, and then traced it from my computer onto some computer paper and cut it out.)


  • Fold felt in half and then pin flower pattern to felt and cut out two flowers.
  • Trace a circle onto single piece of felt or coordinating fabric and then cut it out. (I used the bottom of a small spool of thread to trace my circle.)
  • You'll probably want to half the string on the embroidery thread so it's not quite so thick and then stitch the circle of fabric or coordinating material onto the middle of the felt flower.

  • Put button on the middle of circle and attach it to the circle and flower.
  • Take the second felt flower (the bottom) and use the holes on the clip to sew it to the felt.
  • Next you attach the top flower and bottom flower using a blanket stitch.
  • And voila! You're done. :)


  1. congrats crystal! you are so awesome marie!! adorable!!

  2. I seriously can't believe you drew my name! I never win anything. Ever. I'll email you my address. Thanks so much. I'm super excited!! :)

  3. ahhhh I was hoping it would be me!
    Congrads Crystal, I don't know you but lucky girl. It is so fun to win things :)

  4. Well........I guess I can be happy for your friend who won since she's never won anything before.=) I never would have guessed they would have been so easy to make!

  5. Oh Man...too bad I didn't check your blog until today! Those are really cute and look super easy to make too. Thanks for showing how. It must not be too expensive either! Felt is so cheap. :) I'm so excited, even though I wasn't even in the drawing.

  6. Oh Marie they are easy to make! And I love to see you using the blanket stitch! ;)

    I'm gonna try to make the tutu instructions for you tonight so be checking your email!

    And congrats Crystal!




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