Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy Lady Shopping

My friend refers to shopping on Black Friday as "crazy lady shopping." I think it's such a fitting phrase! My sisters and I followed the crowds and went shopping in the wee hours of Friday morning--a first for all three of us, and I just wanted to report my feelings and what I learned from the experience:

1. Don't bring your sister who's penniless and isn't a morning person. She ended up standing in the ridiculously long lines while we shopped, and we kept calling her cell to trace each other so we could regroup. It all made her grumpy and sleepy-- so much the party pooper, that after the first store she spent the rest of the morning sandwiched in the backseat of my car, snoozing.

2. It's not just "crazy ladies" up and at 'em. I saw many a male shopping, and they looked as giddy as any crazy lady.

3. Us sisters literally rolled out of bed, threw some clothes on and zombied our way into my car, fully expecting to see fellow crazies looking equally as groggy as we did. Um, not so much. Most everyone looked all showered and done up! I was shocked and prayed not to run into anyone I knew.

4. We didn't get any earth-shattering deals because we didn't go to places where you could get trampled-to-death or shot down--did you hear about those two incidents at Wal-mart and Toys R Us? My gosh! I couldn't believe it. No wonder it's called Black Friday. I was thinking we'd done it all wrong by not going to Wal-mart or Circuit City first, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise that we didn't!

5. Finally, early-morning shopping triggers a range of emotions. First, you wake up feeling apprehensive and cycle the words, "it's gonna be worth it, it's gonna be worth it, it's gonna be worth it" through your mind to get you out the door. Second, you pull out of your driveway and feel like you're racing every other car on the road for the stores. Third, you get there and speed walk into your first store to find that there is still plenty of what you came for, which makes you feel relieved and disappointed at the same time. Fourth, you snatch up your deals and then get in line as the reality of how tired and beat you are settles in. And you get grumpy, really grumpy.

6. I guess I learned one more thing: your day is shot. You'll be much too exhausted to do anything else.

All in all, I might do it again next year.


  1. Wow! I did the Hoilday shopping thing too. I got to Toys R Us at 4:45 am and stood outside for 15 min until they opened. The amazing thing was I got in and out of that store in 15 min. Then I went to target and did the same thing. I guess I was lucky. No long lines for me. But I still don't know if going to the stores that early in the morning is worth it.

  2. a) You and your sisters probably looked better just rolling out of bed than 95% of the people who "primped."

    b) I'm definitely not a morning person, and one year of Black Friday shopping cured me. (Of course, since it's the day we always celebrate our anniversary, I don't want to be exhausted by 9am.)

  3. The mall where my step-daughter Ashley works opened at 12:00AM! These crazy people pretty much went straight from Thanksgiving pumpkin pie to midnight madness and continued ALL NIGHT. Ashley arrived at 11:30PM and it took her 15 minutes to get in the building...they thought she was trying to cut in the line. She had to yell that she worked there just to get past everyone. Then a lady actually STABBED another lady with a ball point pen!! For real...she STABBED her and the lady needed medical attention! Keep in mind that this is Salt Lake City, Utah...Mormon central USA, how sad is that?

  4. You are BRAVE. I am waaaay too chicken to go do that....I'll wake up early to work out (sometimes) but not to get a killer deal. Hm. Something's wrong. :)

    I'm actually kind of jealous, though--I should've done that, too.

  5. I've gone Black Friday shopping the past few years with my friend - but since she's in San Diego it was a no-go this year. Well, at least not in the morning. Brad and I went and did some shopping in the evening and it was really nice! A great date night! I would try that next year.

    I also learned this year that it's called Black Friday because back when they would do accounting by hand, they would put profits in black ink and debts in red ink. Since they would make so much money on that day, they named it Black Friday.

    And I totally agree with Pam about how I doubt you thought you and your sisters looked ragamuffin. That is highly unlikely!!!

  6. One good thing about all of this was that you & your sisters got to add another fun memory!
    When we moved here from H-berg, my cousins talked me into going with them that morning - leaving at 430! - I thought they were crazy for sure and since I hate Wmart anyway, I hated it even more that morning. Since then, I have gone every year.
    Go figure.
    I do like to skip Wmrt altogether and head straight to Twin Falls to go to Target. Their sales at least are 2-day sales so they don't run out of things that quickly. I get my Starbucks hot cocoa fix as well - another plus. We ask why we do it every year, yet we still go out - and laugh at all those ladies in their high heels and designer jeans and full makeup! (I mean, c'mon - WHY??!?!)
    Oh well, I DO get some good deals - especially on all that spendy electronic "stuff" that teenagers seem to think they need.
    Anyway, enough babble...
    It was fun to hear your thoughts on it!!

  7. That's so interesting, Court. Thanks for sharing the meaning behind the term "black friday." I would have never guessed.

    And Shauna, that's awesome that you got through the lines so quickly. In some stores we got through the lines alright, but Kohl's had a killer line.

    Thanks for sharing all of your crazy lady shopping stories, you guys. The story about the pen stabbing in SLC shocked me the most--hello?? Some people really are crazy!

  8. wow, good to know. I'm glad I didn't attempt it. Which sister was the poor, ornery one?? :) hee hee

  9. Ugh. I wholeheartedly agree. I avoided the whole thing this year!

  10. Wow you are brave. I don't think I could ever get myself to do it. But who knows, the year might come. :)

  11. This is funny because I too went in my grubbys, expecting to just be out for an hour and it was 6 in the morning. My baby ended up not needing me as early as expected, so I was out way longer than I'd planned and actually saw my sisters-in-law, looking all cute of course. I wasnt even going to go out - not really my thing usually - but a scrapbook store I love was going to have some great deals on paper, and then my sister-in-law told me about a deal I couldnt pass up at Michaels. Regularly $60-$90 cartridges for $30 for a die cut machine I just got for my birthday! Then I had to run in Carters while I was there, and since the baby didnt need me yet, I ran in Target (where I saw my SIL's) and before I knew it it was almost noon and I still had no makeup on! Lol.




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