Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meet the MAGS

(Post edit: AJ (Will's Aunt Julie) suggested Magson instead of Magster, and I love that! So, the babe will be Magson!)

I'm no longer private in the blogging world, and I think I'm OK with that, but to be more protective of my little family, I've decided to go code. You've probably figured out that M.A.G. is my initials, so that's me--Mag. And from here on out I'll refer to my handsome husband as Magnet, my darling three-year-old daughter as Maggie (which means Pearl--aw), and my big bundle of a baby boy as Magster.

Funny story: I came across the word "magnum" yesterday when I was trying to think up a name for my baby boy. The off-hand, random definition I saw said magnum meant "big." I thought that was the perfect code name for my off-the-charts chunker. But then when I went to dictionary.com to look up the definition again tonight, all the definitions revolved around big bottles of wine and cartridges containing explosives, so I decided to scratch Magnum and call him Magster, instead. But I like the ring of Magnum much better than Magster. I'm so disappointed! So, Magster's code name is very well subject to change and I welcome suggestions!

To wrap up the introductions, I thought it would be fun to quote something we've each said a lot lately:

Mag: "Gentle!!!"

I say this constantly to both Maggie and Magster. They seem to want to smother each other in a tug-of-war sort of love. Magster does a lot of hair-pulling and Maggie pushes him around like he's one of her plastic dolls.

Magnet: "...Sweetie."

Lately, Magnet uses the word "sweetie" more than any other word. He ends almost every sentence said to Maggie with "Sweetie." For example, "Go wash your hands, Sweetie" or "Did you flush the toilet, Sweetie?" (What a sweetie. :))

Maggie (speaking to me): "You love daddy and I love 'Magster'."

And one more, because she's just so quotable. This is actually something she started singing today, to the tune of Frere Jacques:

"Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, I love you. I love you. You are so swee-eet. You are so swee-eet. Yes, it's true. Yes, it's true."

I was very much speechless when I heard her singing that. I like Sarah Palin and all, and I guess I bring her up in conversation from time to time, but hello? I didn't think I talked enough about her to warrant lyrics and a tune from a three-year-old! Lucky for Palin, there are some kind words spoken of her around here, much to the media's dissatisfaction, I'm sure.

Magster: "pfffffffffffffffffffffff, pfffffffffffffffff, pffffffffffffffffff" That's my attempt at quoting what his spitting sounds like. Insert some bubbles and I think I've done the job.


  1. lol!!! that is awesome! love it and i think i got it straight too!! i miss your pictures!!! POST POST!!

  2. I like Magster, but I like Magnum too. Reminds me of Magnum PI - and I thought he was a good lookin' hunk way back in the 80s before I was old enough to have the right to think any man was a good lookin' hunk. Anyways, my point is, little Magster could definitely be a Magnum because he is one good lookin' hunk of a baby!

    So are you going to go back through your old posts and edit the names?

    And thank you for your super nice comments on our blog!! You and your family are so great!

  3. Yeah, it's on my to-do to go back an edit names...I'm hoping to figure out how to do it easily...bleh, we'll see!

  4. Marie you are so cute. I love your blog, it's so entertaining and personal..even with the "mag-" names:) I can't wait to come see your magfamily:) Miss you.

  5. What I should have said is that you and your family are mag-nificent! ha ha :)

  6. how cute. Man, I've been out of the blogging world for a while, I totally missed your giveaway and cute pics, etc. Those red leaves in Bella's picture are beautiful! Her little rendition of Frere Jacques/Sarah Palin made me laugh!! Kids pay attention to what you say so much more than we give them credit for, huh?

  7. That Sarah Palin song is quite funny! I laughed out loud when I read it. Kids say the funniest things!

  8. Thanks, Claire for showing me how to spell Frere Jacques! Now I'll go edit my post. :)

    And Will's Aunt Julie suggested Magson instead of Magster. I love that! So, I'm off to change that, too.

    Thanks you guys!

  9. I have seen other bloggers do a similar thing and that is a good idea - especially for a blogger as popular as you! Love it and keep it up! (love you too!)




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