Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remember an Afternoon...

I'm sad to say that Magnet's grandpa died suddenly last week from a heart attack. While I'm just the granddaughter-in-law, I loved him and will miss that sweet, kinda shy smile he always gave away.

And when my kids, especially baby Magson--who was named after Magnet, who was named after Magnet's dad, who was named after Magnet's grandpa (who just passed)-- someday ask me to tell them what their great grandpa was like, I'll likely remember an afternoon last October, and tell them about the time their great grandpa came over to fix our broken dryer.

We'd just moved into our house and had furnished the laundry closet with used appliances. Magnet hooked everything up and I tossed a wet load in. The clothes went for a whirl but took hours to dry. Our "new" dryer was kaput.

Grandpa caught word and came over to try to fix it--he was an electrician by profession. While he worked away, Grandma read a stack of books to Maggie as I relaxed on the couch and felt my unborn Magson kick me from the inside. We'd call up to him now and then when it got really quiet. About an hour later he finally came downstairs to say that he needed some more tools. They left, but before long Grandpa returned with his big tool box.

He ended up taking apart the dryer, but couldn't put it back together again because one of the screws fell down inside the dryer. I think it just about killed him inside that he wasn't able to fix the dryer, for one thing, and also that he couldn't reassemble the "mess" he'd made due to losing the screw. I told him not to worry about it--the dryer was likely going to the dump anyway, but he insisted that he'd be back a third time to clean up and put things back together.

He was back again the next day. Again and again, he went up and down that flight of stairs, which was not easy for him in his old age. He had to stop and rest; he had to take breathers now and then. At last, he smacked the dryer out of frustration and finally told me we probably just ought to get a new dryer. I smiled and knew right then that I'd won a memory, my favorite of Grandpa.

Maybe you wonder why I tell this story...

It's because that afternoon, without words, Grandpa clearly told me that he loved us. He so wanted to be able to fix that darn* (perhaps he used a different word?) dryer for us. He also worked extremely hard, and it became apparent to me, as he so diligently worked on our dryer, that his work ethic has passed on to his children and his children's children and hopefully to my children!

This story has also stuck with me because it taught me that while saying the words, "I love you" is sweet on the ears, it's sweeter on the soul to be shown that someone loves you.

I can't wait to cuddle Maggie and Magson up to me one day and travel my memory back to an afternoon in October of 2007. We'll press pause on that afternoon, and I'll tell them that their great grandpa knew the value of hard work--that that's where their Grandpa Magnet and Daddy Magnet learned it, and I'll tell them that great grandpa knew that showing someone you love them means more than the eight letters in the phrase, "I love you."

We'll miss you, Grandpa!

This is a picture of Magnet's family, right before we went to the grave site this afternoon.


  1. That was such a wonderful post! I'm so glad that you have such a sweet memory to share with your children.

    Oh, and I love Magson; it's perfect!

  2. that made me cry!! i love that! you are such a wonderful person marie, and our children are so blessed to have you as thier mother. i just loved that post!

  3. what a simple, yet beautifully described memory - one that those kidlets will treasure! Love those grandparents!!!! They truly are the best examples for our children.

  4. You have a gift for words!
    It will be a wonderful memory to share with your sweet children and a great tribute! Thanks for sharing it

  5. that's a sweet tribute. I am sorry for their loss. I am glad you got to know him and have sweet memories of him.




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