Monday, November 3, 2008

The Sun is Rising

Long before dawn, and well before the pesty ring of my 6am alarm, my 7-month-old wakes up ready to begin the day. But I'm too unrested to do anything but tuck him in bed with me for the last two hours or so of my cherished sleep time. He nurses on and off, bites me here and there. He scratches my face, pulls my hair, and kicks me as rhythmically as an alarm...beep-beep beep-beep (KICK MOMMY), beep-beep beep-beep (KICK MOMMY). "Let's get up now" he says with his finger nails, his death grip on my hair, and his jousts to my side.

My sweet baby turns into a big bully, really.

You'd think I'd do anything to avoid such a painful and unpleasant situation, but I'm much too sleepy to stop him. I just take the abuse until I can't stand it any longer, and then I get up long before the sun has risen. But once I'm on my feet, something mirculous happens: I hop on my elliptical for 30 minutes with my nose in a book or lift weights (my whoppin' 8-pounders) and Magson transforms from bully to breezy baby as he watches me exercise away.

I wouldn't think too much of this except that I've been asking the Lord for quite sometime now to help me get up earlier so I can squeeze workouts and reading back into my daily rotation. I knew it was going to take some divine intervention because I'm a professional alarm clock ignorer, but I was not expecting God to have my baby quite literally kick me out of bed. But what can I say? God really does work in mysterious ways, and I'm so happy with the routine we've got going. And while the initial fall-off-the-mattress moment isn't fun--especially in the dark, the sun is rising in my little world; I'm improving, and that extra light in my life feels really good.

PS. I never did post Halloween pictures on here (Happy Halloween!), but I thought Magson dressed up as a football player was fitting for this post, and Maggie's my little cheerleader. It's amazing the different ways my little ones can motivate and inspire me. Like today Maggie got hold of the Windex and a towel and went washing away at our dirty windows and said, "I'm cleaning all of it because I love you sooooo much!" And I thought, That's why I keep cleaning up around here, because I love them so much. Love can make the chores of life so worth it!


  1. I LOVED that post. I'm happy that you and I can commiserate over workouts and waking up earlier than we want to....but I'm also so happy that we can share the joy that comes of it, too! :)

  2. Ok, I feel like a dope! I've been wondering what happened to you... Finally occurred to me to check this blog. I'll have to find some time to catch up! :)

  3. How blessed you are to recognize and accept the true joys of being a mother. Cherish these times and events because they vanish all to quickly!

  4. You're much cheerier than I would be about getting kicked and punched so early in the morning! I consider it a blessing that Sofie still prefers to sleep until 10 or 11 am!

  5. How true Marie!
    I now have new motivation to clean up endless messes! Danke!

  6. I gotcha, Ava has an internal alarm clock that goes off precisely at 7:15 a.m. every.single.morning no matter what time she goes to bed the night before. You're inspiring me to get my butt back to the gym.....tomorrow tomorrow!!! And btw, I'd love you to send me the writing prompts though I can't promise I'll always complete them but it would be good motivation.

  7. Marie-Since you asked, that apron I made was not hard, just a little time consuming the first time. And I don't think I did the ruffle the way the pros do it but it works for me. :) But I only give out the pattern to people who call me to I'm waiting for the call! Really I just need to talk to you on the phone to explain how to figure out the size so give me a ring.




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