Saturday, January 31, 2009

In the Bloglight

As promised, here are five blogs that get the "Loved by MAG Award"~

1. Fresh Designs Studio
Kaela of Fresh Designs is the one I have to thank for my new blog look. She did a fantastic job, and was so patient with my indecisiveness--she should get some recognition just for that! You can see her latest work as well find some great organizational tips and freebies on her blog.

2. Shannon Morgan Photography
Shannon has a fabulous photoblog where she posts a picture everyday--of herself, of her latest sessions--whatever it is, it's sure to impress and inspire.

3. Creative Catharsis
Rae of Creative Catharsis is a beautiful writer and photographer who can relate to people of all types. She is multi-talented, real, and confident in who she is--a very easy person to love!

4. My Magic Mom
Meredith is the sister of one of my dear friends. She recently had her tonsils out and has been writing about her experience with that, but she also regularly posts instructions for some fun crafts. She's got great solutions for how to get down and play with your kids more, something I struggle with, so I really appreciate her ideas!

5. A Girl, A Market, A Meal
I eat up good writing and love this blog because Alison posts lots of yummy recipes simmering with stories about food. This one is worth your time, for sure.

I'd love leads to the blogs you love. Isn't it wonderful how with the click of the mouse you can enter the minds of people from around the world? Yum.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions, MAG. Looking forward to viewing them. One of my favorite bloggers just returned to the blogosphere after a two month break. She's always good for a laugh:

  2. Great list! I'm becoming quite a blog addict and I'm sure these will be great sources of diversion...

  3. Sorry, its

  4. aaahh!! thanks for the shout out marie!! your is one of my favs too for sure!!! you are so sweet!

  5. Aw, how sweet of you to love my sisters blog! She's a genius, isn't she??

  6. It seems like everytime I read your blog, it takes my breath away. Please come to Las Vegas and take pictures of my kids...

  7. Marie, I am JUST now seeing this!! THANK YOU!!!! :) I love your blog, too. To death.

    Oh--and I second the recommendation of




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