Friday, January 16, 2009

Up Close, My Brown-eyed Boy

It's difficult for me to describe Magson with my vocabulary--he deserves better than my English. Let's pretend I'm speaking French. Then, even if I can't pick the perfect words, the lyrical and peaceful tune to French will compensate.

N'est pas il juste splendide? ...Just kidding, but man, French even looks pretty all typed up! Thank you, free online translator.

You see the catch lights in his eyes above? Because his eyes are so dark, they're almost always there. When he's sitting in his high chair in the kitchen with his messy face, his eyes pop; when he's playing on the floor and looks up at me, his eyes almost always sparkle at me like that. Usually you have go find the right angle of light to see that in a person, but it's the other way around with Magson. The light finds him. Often, when I look at him, I think about how pure he is, and I think Heavenly Father let's Magson's heavenly glow escape his eyes to remind me that He loves me and that God is light. I love light, and I love dark chocolate eyes. They've been my favorite for nine months now.

All the smiley pictures I have of the babe make me giggle because it looks to me like he wants to smile bigger, but his chubby cheeks are in the way.

How about that collar? Dashing, isn't it? Or maybe just silly of me.

I'm drawn to teddy bears now that I have Magson. For some reason I always want to snuggle him up to a teddy bear. They go together.

Finally, I don't know what you call it, but see those two vertical lines right beneath his kissy lips? J'aime ceux. (I love those.)


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful! He is such an adorable little boy :)

  2. He is too adorable!! i miss him.
    i love the one with the teddy bear, cause is eyelashes look so long. he is sooo cute!!

  3. Il est vraiment mignon, et j'adore ses vetements aussi. Ce sont des tres beaux photos, en plus.

  4. Oh, Pam, I always love your comments! They're always so clever. I didn't know you spoke french! I'll have to get on my online translator again and figure out what you wrote! :)

  5. So sweet! He looks like he should be in a Baby Gap Commercial. :)

  6. he is SO handsome!! fun shoot!! what a darling!! those catchlights are beautiful!! i love what you said "the light finds him" that gave me chills!! i too love brown eye boys!!

  7. He is almost too cute to be real...SO darn handsome!

  8. Oh man is he adorable in his shirt and coat! I live little boys dressed as little men. So precious! I was thinking recently about how I hadn't seen many pictures of Mr Magson and wondered how he'd changed. Just handsome as can be!

  9. Rough translation for Pam: He is truly cute, and I adore his clothes too. In addition(?), they are very beautiful/handsome photos.

    If my translation is correct, then AMEN to her comment!

    P.S. It does sound better in French!

  10. Magnet used to wear the little coat Magson's wearing in the pics when he was a baby. I just love it.

    And Mary! You speak French, too? Thanks for the translation! I definitely needed it, and all you smarty pants bilingual people, please ignore my poor French grammar. Like I said in my post, I just used a random online translator. :)

  11. I have to gush as well - he is such a doll! Whenever I'm around him I can't get enough of his cute face. A beautiful, beautiful boy!!

  12. Those are such cute pic! I love his little outfit. Isn't it crazy how time flies! Our babies will be ine all too soon!

  13. what. a. cute. little. man.

    and great pics mom!!!

  14. Look at how sweet! His eyes and smile are simply precious. He looks so innocent, as do most babies. But it! And I can't believe how much older he looks from the last time I saw him!




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