Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Confessions of a Makeup Artist

It's as though I've rolled out the red carpet for my three little sisters--as they watch me stumble through life, they can in turn walk confidently knowing what not to do. Take my clueless first fling with makeup, for example.

When I turned fourteen and was finally allowed to wear makeup, I was ready and armed with eyeliner, mascara and blush. On the dawn of my long-awaited birthday, I took my beauty markers and played face artist. I glopped the mascara goo on generously even after hearing the appalling rumor that mascara's ingredients include bat droppings. It takes pain to be beautiful, I consoled myself.

I tarred my eyelashes unsparingly, lovingly stroking the top lashes and then the bottom. I was all ears at school when a beautiful and bosomly classmate told me that if your lashes clumped, as hers always did, to separate them with a needle. (This same girl also copied my homework once, even writing my name at the top of her paper; I should never have implemented her needle to eyeball trick.) All of this glopping and needle separation took place after I indelicately outlined my eyes with eyeliner. I imagine my eyes never went unnoticed again as they looked like double targets on a dart board.

It didn't help that my mother is naturally gorgeous without any makeup. Yet, while she didn't know much about makeup, after watching me, she also learned quickly what not to do--the ashy mascara smudges always beneath my eyes were of considerable torment to her. After some desperate motherly pleas, I heeded her advice and stopped putting eyeliner and mascara on my bottom lashes, a piece of priceless makeup advice I still follow.

Oh, and I can't forget the blush! I have a long criminal record of over applying this pink pixie dust. For a long time, I had this obsession with the color of my eyes, wishing they were more hazel green rather than hazel brown. My eye color has changed over the years, getting greener with time, I'm thankful, but when I was younger, an overdose of blush seemed to bring out the emerald. There is many a high school photo with me looking rosie-cheeked and clownish. Somehow I fear I still get a little carried away in this department.

So, (sigh) when I watch my sisters grow up with such style and grace, I'm initially jealous, but then a little pride seeps in. It's all thanks to me, I think.


  1. Oh yes - I remember those days too! I'm sure I looked frightening some days. I enjoyed the colored eye-liner! =) Too bad you didn't add a picture from back then! =)

  2. you guys have to be the most beautiful set of sisters i have ever seen!! it is hard being the oldest sibling with no one to look up too. i have many a moments of laughter at my expense from my younger siblings :)!!

  3. Yes! Where are the pictures of your learning moments??!! It's hard to believe though, you are so elegantly beautiful!

  4. I'm clueless about make-up myself. I never wore any until the rosacea got so bad I had to cover it a little. Maybe you can give my girls some pointers at the appropriate time ;-)

  5. Marie,

    I love this picture! I want one with your Marie Photographie logo on it. Can I download it from your blog? (clueless with makeup and computers) :) Love, Mom

  6. Oh the days of experimenting with make-up, and the theory that more was always better. Thank goodness we all learn from mistakes. :)
    By the way, all of you are soo beautiful! I love the pic.

  7. You & your sisters are so pretty!

    I don't wear eyeliner or mascara on my lower lashes either. And I LOVE blush!

  8. I learned the same thing about my bottom lashes, too! I don't know how people do it because I always look like a raccoon! But you're gorgeous and always have been! My mascara idol... :)

    You and your sisters are gorgeous!!

  9. Love this post and the photo~ You are ALL sooooo beeyoootiful!!!! And as a former YW leader, I never remember you looking too racoonish or scary!! You were (are) always a cutie!




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