Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Some backwards things have been happening around here lately:

*First--you know how most kids jump on the couch and hug a wall the second a vacuum is turned on? (That's been the case with Maggie, anyway.) Magson jets after the vacuum on all fours like a puppy chasing his tail the second it vrooms. I feel like he wants to hop on for a ride, and I practically run him over as I dodge him left and right. I almost feel mean when I fake a left so he'll get out of my way so I can get beneath him. He even gets all giggly when the air blows in his face~backwards!

*Second--you know how people always say it's better to read the book first? Well, I'm beginning to develop a second opinion. One of Maggie's favorite movies lately is Matilda. She's watched it more times than I'd like to admit and says things like, "I'm right. You're wrong. And there's nothing you can do about it!" to me all the time. Lovely, I know. She talks about the "chokey" and the "mean teacher" and the "nice teacher." On good days, she pretends I'm Miss Honey; on bad days, well, we won't go there (trunch*cough*bull). With all this Matilda talk, I decided to check out the book from the library. Before bedtime, I read her a chapter and she's mesmerized. We're like eight chapters in! I never would have thought a three-year-old would sit through a chapter book like that. So, maybe (big maybe) it's not a bad idea to let your preschooler memorize a movie and then bust out the novel?? Once again, backwards!

*Third--you know those "with it" moms that never lock their keys in the car or lose anything? I'm not one of them. Yesterday, for the second time in the last month, I locked the keys in the car. The timing couldn't have been worse: Maggie was at preschool; Magnet was tied up getting ready for Valentines Day; a snowstorm was presenting itself; the spare key was nowhere to be found; my cell phone was in its usual health--nearly dead.

When Magnet was able to pull away and rescue the embarrassed me, he stopped at home to pick up the spare key first. But, like I said, the spare key had vanished. He called me to ask for suggestions of where to look. There was a heavy silence and then me, "I'll call Maggie at preschool and ask her if she knows where it is."

Maggie, who hates talking on the phone more than I do, cheerfully, and I want to say "maturely," greeted me. It was as if I were frantically calling her to tell her I'd forgotten my lunch and she was on the other end apologetic and full of solutions.

"Hi, Mom!" (Not Mommy-- sad emoticon)

"Hi--hey, do you know where the spare key with the orange tag on it is? I locked my keys in the car again, and Daddy can't find the spare one anywhere."

(The whole time I feel I'm talking too fast and way over her head--spare key? Like she's going to know what I'm talking about? Oh ye of little faith, right?)

"Don't you remember?" she says to me as though I'm the silliest mom ever. "It's up in my closet in my pink toy car--re-mem-ber?"

I laugh for the first time all morning. We hang up.

Problem is, it isn't where she so confidently told me it was, so Laura (preschool teacher) was kind enough to risk her life and drive Maggie to stranded me in the snowy weather. Magnet soon arrived without a spare key, and so drove us home in the Flowers to Go car that doesn't have a back seat. (Yes, Maggie, Magson and I rode in the front passenger the slippery snow.) We arrived home safely, but not without sliding into a curb as we drove into our development~backwards, and just plain wrong!


  1. Wow, I needed a good laugh. Thanks!! Those dang smart kids. Freaks me out. PS. Spencer is a vacuum chaser too, must be a boy thing. Hailey is still scared at age 4.=)

  2. You are SO funny Marie!! I'm right there with ya on the car keys....mine are always missing it seems and I am now forbidden to lock any car unless I have the key ring in my hand and I do it with that. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget that little rule....oops :)
    I can't believe your little guy is almost ONE!??!! Your kids sure are ADORABLE!

  3. I am a firm believer in see the movie FIRST! It's so much less disappointing. If you read the book first you're always let down by the movie. If you see the movie first and like it then you'll get to be happy again as the book is ALWAYS even better!
    Sorry about the key business, I keep a spare in my wallet.

  4. Sending you virtual sympathy: hugs and brownies. Having done similar things, I can appreciate how embarrassing it was for you to have to call Laura and explain the situation. Did you ever find the spare key?

    I agree that it's a wonderful experience to see a movie and then discover the wonderful book on which it is based, but the part that I don't like is that once I've seen the movie version, the characters in the book will always look and sound like the movie in my head. It bothers me tremendously that I have to really work to remember the way the Harry Potter characters looked in my mind before seeing the actors portray them (Hagrid was the only one who was virtually the same).

    Really great photo of Magson.

  5. Oh, that was fun to read!! :) And I am ALWAYS doing stuff that it seems I should know better than to do--leaving things behind, locking things in, etc..

  6. That's an awesome idea, Kathy! I'm totally stashing a key in my wallet.

    Pam, we did find the key later that night, and it was in Maggies closet--not in her car, but in a random box of toys. Go figure.

    And I agree! It is so annoying when all you can picture in your brain is Hollywood's versions of characters after seeing a movie.

  7. i am so one of those moms that losses stuff at the WORSTE time, including my keys!! she is just too precious!! i hate those moments when it hits that they are getting SO big!! great entry!!

  8. Liam is getting to be just a cute little man. Also, how cute is Maggie's little personality. You have such a awesome little family.

  9. Aaron likes the vacuum too! I usually have to hold him out of the way with one foot when I do it. Lately though, I stick him in his high chair first.

    I agree with you on the movie/book thing too. I've been disappointed way too many times reading first and then seeing the movie. I never thought to try this out on my kids though... Maybe this will be how I get my girls to read Anne of Green Gables!

  10. Hahaha! That's funny! I love how grown up she sounds! Sorry you had such awful luck with that key situation.

  11. Those are some funny little stories. I am glad everything worked out with your keys. Doesn't that always happen at the worst times! Also, I love that pictures of Magson! I don't know if you have already done this, but you should enter your kids in the photo contest with Regis & Kelly--but they have to be emailed in today. Go to to enter.

  12. Lincoln is the same way with the vacuum! It was so frustrating to vacuum when he was younger bc he would chase it all over the house. It's a little better now that he's older and can push his own little vacuum around. He has always loved getting the hose and vacuuming his clothes and hair with it.

    If you're ever in Texas or we're ever in WA will you take pics of my babies? Seriously. You're so talented.

  13. that is too funny, my little guy loves to chase after the vacuum too, i actually like reading books after i see the movies, that way it is like i get to see all the deleted scenes of a good movie, by reading the book, and i this week was in such a rush that i locked the house door with my keys still inside, i had to take a screen off a window, and crawl in to get in side. wow sounds like we both had backward weeks. so hears to a forward next week, good luck.

  14. That's a funny story!! Bella sounds so old and mature. I would never dream of asking Addy where the spare key is at this point. And I can't believe she paid attention to Matilda!! Both the movie and the book. The movie isn't even cartoon. Wow! That's hilarious. Carter loves the vaccuum too. He is pretty much scared of anything else...but the vaccuum. funny boys

  15. yikes! glad you guys made it okay!

  16. oh, and ty would always try to help me push the vacuum. He'd help push the handle and then get in front of it to push it backwards. Really awesome with all of HIS cords to look out for too! =)




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