Monday, March 30, 2009

Everything About You, I Love

There are an assortment of pictures in this post--some from Magson's birthday, some not. And a big thank you to AJ for taking a handful of them! I was so busy at his party, I didn't get quite as many as I would have liked.

My Dear Magson,

Your birthday celebration started out with a bang, and not the kind of bang that sounds like clapping and fireworks and party blowers; unfortunately, it was not that kind of bang at all. Instead, it was the kind of bang that sent me yelping for your safety. It was a painful bang to your sweet baby head and my mother heart.

I had spent the day cooking and cleaning, getting ready for that evening's family dinner celebration. I unstrapped your seat and tray that we attach to one of our dining room chairs so I could give it an extra good clean, but there was so much on my mind that I forgot to strap it back to the chair before I sat you in it for dinner. Yes, you fell off the dining room chair while still strapped into your baby seat and hit your head pretty hard on the ground. I'm so sorry, baby boy.

I wouldn't mention it at all because I'm embarrassed at the number of injuries I've caused you lately--remember the vacuum? But you're going to wonder about the big red bump on your forehead when you look at your birthday pics someday, so I figure I needed to get that out of the way--whew.

(BTW, I also want to expound on the vacuum incident. Obviously, I didn't intend to vacuum you up, but without further explanation you might be imagining me running you over, when really I was in a tight spot between a bed and a wall and you and Maggie were right at the foot of the vacuum. To avoid running you both over, I made the mistake of lifting the vacuum from the floor so I could spin a 180 and continue. But I didn't turn it off, and as I lifted the vacuum, the suction that normally has a hard time picking up crumbs, inhaled your foot quite forcefully. It's about better now, but I still kiss it multiple times a day.)

Moving on... some of the things I really want to remember about you as a one-year-old include how you were much more interested in the streamer and balloon decor than opening up presents at your party. Maggie kept sweetly prodding you to take interest in the festivities.

"Magson--sweetheart--come open your presents, Magson," she'd say again and again.

For the most part, you ignored her and gave your undivided attention to a green balloon.

And by the way, Maggie absolutely adores you. She talks about you nonstop whenever you're not there. She was behind all the party decorations. We got your presents wrapped and cake baked way early because she just couldn't wait. You two have formed such a sweet bond and I melt every time I watch you two play together.

You love to sneak into the office and pull all of Daddy's important papers from his desk and imput all the wrong numbers into his spreadsheets.

I can't keep my eyes off of you with your tongue ever poking the air; your eyes so dark and deep; your Gerber baby smile; the way you slurped up your birthday ice cream with your hands, how you loved your less-than-glamorous teddy bear cake, the way you show off how you can walk like a big boy with the help of your push toy, maneuvering yourself out of tight corners and making sharp turns. The solid, healthy weight of you in my arms. The way you rest your head on my shoulder when you're sleepy. Everything about you, I love, my birthday boy.

PS. Magson is now an official walker! He took his first step on his birthday and last night ventured to take five wobbly steps!


  1. I can't believe he's already one! He's adorable, even with a big red bump. Happy Birthday, Magson!

  2. Happy Birthday Magson!!!! I have inadvertantly caused quite the bump on little Dillon's head's hard enough when they get a bruise, but even harder when you have to explain that it was you that put it have no idea the relief I felt when I read your post!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Magson! The pictures are so cute and fun. I love the one of Maggie & Magson holding hands. So precious!

  4. Oh my goodness, he looks SO grown up!! Not a baby anymore. He really does look older than 1 to me. I'm sure he'll forgive you with the whole head and foot incidences. It happens. And that's exciting he took his first steps on his birthday! Addy did the same thing. Carter has taken 2 steps, but hasn't ventured past that yet. Aren't they so much fun? And I'm glad Maggie and Magson get along so well. Isn't it so fun to watch them play together and now that they are getting older and able to. It's fun to hear about your kids because ours are in the same stages.

  5. What a sweet letter you wrote! It looks like he had a wonderful 1st birthday! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

  6. Can Magson really be ONE??? Crazy how fast time flys! He is SUCH a handsome boy...seriously handsome!Hope the birthday party went well, despite his fall. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one doing things like that. Like today...I shut Cade's little finger in the pantry door. I still feel awful. But don't worry, it's still attached!!!

  7. Happy birthday! Phil and I were talking about that last Sunday how his birthday was coming up! I can't even believe it!

  8. Can't believe he's one!! He is the cutest little bug!! Happy Birthday Mr. M! And don't feel bad about the bump - he knows you didn't do it intentionally!! ahhh-- "mother's guilt": our constant companion...




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