Monday, March 9, 2009

Good News and Bad News

The good news is I found a fun new picture place.

The bad news is it was freezing today, so Miss Maggie and I couldn't bear to be out long.

The good news is I got to photograph a cute family this last weekend.

The bad news is my camera battery died, like for good, before I could get their pictures uploaded to my computer, and they'll have to wait for my new battery to arrive before they can get their sneak peek. That is, unless I can figure out how to get my memory card to directly link up with my computer. Help! Anyone?

The good news is we got Maggie's bedroom all squeaky clean for playtime with her preschool friends tomorrow.

The bad news is...(and this is hard for me to write...) that while I was vacuuming I didn't dodge Magson as well as usual and actually sucked his foot up in the vacuum. No joke. It was terrible. His foot looks terrible. A huge chunk of skin got ripped off, making him a handicapped crawler and walker. If you're feeling like a bad mom today, I welcome you to top that. Who vacuums up their kid?

The good news is we got a new sofa this past weekend for real cheap!

The bad news is there's even less floor space in our living room for hosting a dance and movement-themed preschool tomorrow morning.

The good news is Maggie really wants to go to college, like today, and makes me laugh all the time by saying things like this:

"Hey, Mom? Guess what? I got a message from my sister. She was speaking Chinese! ...And she was in Mexico!"

The bad news is she's growing up too fast.


  1. Don't you have an SD card reader? It turns your SD card into a little thumb drive kind of thing. You can get it at Walmart for under $10. You just stick your SD card into one end and then plug the whole thing into a USB port. The reader with the SD card in it is only about 2" long. It's much easier than hooking the camera up to the computer, it's the only way I view and edit any of my photos. Get one their great!

  2. I second the SD card reader option. They work great.

    ALSO...I vacuumed Autumn's HAIR once!! Poor thing! She was reaching for something under the bed and I was trying to vacuum around her...thankfully, I had pretty much forgotten about it until you mentioned your experience. I'm sure Autumn has completely forgotten about it. Thank goodness kids are so forgiving and physically they also heal so easily. :)

  3. poor magson! =( Tyler fell off the kitchen chair face first yesterday...if that makes you feel any better?

    Also, some computers have an SD card reader built in...our desk top and laptop both have them so you may not even have to buy anything. I also quit uploading via plugging in my camera, I always just take my memory card out, put it in the computer and open up the files to copy/paste the pictures to my own folder.

  4. The good news is we get to come for preschool and see the fun new couch. The bad news is I'm going to try to race to Silverdale during preschool, so I may make it back just in time to pick up my Sweet Pea and might not see the couch at all ;-)

  5. Thanks for sharing all of your news - both good and bad! Poor Magson! But even more, poor you!! I always feel so bad when my kids get hurt because of something we "did". Good thing they both heal quickly and forget at this age!!

  6. ok, I must be sick or something, because for some reason I found your story about vacuuming up your kid to be somewhat funny. Maybe because I could totally see myself doing that, since my kids are constantly running at the vacuum, and there's only so much you can dodge before something get's sucked in. I can't wait for preschool this morning. I think the kids are going to have a great time.

  7. I like how you put the good and bad news back-to-back in this post. It made me laugh, all except the vacuum one. Your vacuum must have quite the suction! I hope he's okay. Isn't he the one who goes after the vacuum? Maybe he won't be so quick to chase it anymore! I hope he feels better soon....And, as always, beautiful photos! I love her shoes! WHERE did you get them?

  8. I have an SD card reader that reads like 4 different types of cards. If you want I could bring it over if I stop by on Wednesday?

  9. yep- sd card reader is the handiest thing-
    great pics! you have a little model on your hands (but it's great that she is already college-minded!)
    don't feel too bad about vacuuming up your baby - babies heal quickly and Heavenly Father made their bodies soft and squishy for a reason: He knew we would do stuff like this. just part of living. and you're a great mom!

  10. Boy to I feel behind! So, I will be picking up a SD card reader asap. Can't wait! I hate hooking the camera up to the computer. Sweet--thanks, you guys!

    Abby, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that's had a bad vacuum experience. haha

    Randi--don't feel bad for laughing. I always laugh when I'm not supposed to. Yesterday, I was muttering to myself and will overheard me say, "Who vacuums up their kid?" He got the laughs, too.

    Leslie, the shoes are from Target. I love Target!

    Thanks again, you guys!

  11. so I need tips on how to take pictures of my kids...I'm a disaster and that's enough to make me feel like a bad mom...Sorry about the vacuum though. I don't know if I can top
    So can you share your pattern to your hat? I found some perfect yarn and want to make it. You can email it? or is it a secret...

  12. In the same week, Spencer fell out of his chair and got a big fat bruise on his head and Hailey hit her head on the stairs. So, both kids looked abused. That was fun.=) I love purple on Maggie.

  13. That is too bad about Magson--poor kids tend to get a little beat up. But it is good that they seem to heal quickly! Halle has a nice big bruise on her forehead. I really need to watch her a little more closely. Hopefully I can keep her bruise free when you take her pics!

  14. Did I tell you Sofie fell OUT OF THE BED?? Like 2 weeks ago. About 2.5 feet all the way to the floor. I still feel really guilty about it. :(

    And I asked Giby for an SD card reader for Christmas. I wanted a little flash drive size but the IT Director that my husband is bought me this huge contraption that reads a million cards. But it doesn't work!! So I'm also hooking my camera up to the computer by the cord. I need to just return the other stupid one and get one I want!

    I LOVE these pictures of Maggie. I can't wait to see what else you manage to capture here. What a beautiful spot!! I found a cool one, but need a walker/stander before I can use it. Yay for beautiful pictures and new sofas!!

  15. man you are the location queen, you have to tell me where this one is too :)!!

    man, that is so crazy you vaccummed up your boy :)!! i thought i was somewhat humorous too, so i am glad he is ok :)!! you will get some good chuckles out of that one in the years to come!!

    great shots!!

  16. Oh Mag, we got the hats today and I LOVE THEM!!!!! I will make sure I take some photos soon so you can see....they're absolutely beautiful and mine fits like a dream. :) Savvy has yet to let me put hers on her for longer than three seconds, but soon I will gently force her to keep it on for at least a photo. :) THANK YOU!! (And the photos are gorgeous!)




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