Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Know...

He's the most precious baby you've ever seen and I didn't tell you a single thing about him in my last post--so sorry! I was exhausted and frustrated with my computer that night, and the only two words that popped into my head were "heaven sent." Isn't he, though? Gosh, I couldn't get enough of him.

This cute family lives in our neighborhood and goes to church with us. They adopted Handsome Baby Boy about two months ago and I couldn't help but feel the love when I was with them. Dad was so kind, patient and full of great ideas, and mom was gorgeous, loving and stylish. Top that off with the most mild tempered (and beautiful!) baby ever and you have one lucky me! I loved every minute with these guys.


  1. This little cutie almost makes me happy I couldn't sleep, just so I could be the first to comment on him.=) What an adorable little baby and what a wonderful blessing for a great family to get to keep him.

  2. Fabulous! What a beautiful, happy family. Love the red and grey, and that denim outfit is just too cute.

  3. He sure is gorgeous! I think it's awesome that they adopted; the photos really show the love, which is great!!! The photos (as always) are priceless and beautiful!

  4. I am so impressed by your photog skills! You are awesome and I loved the post about the way you think you are talking to your kids. Made me think... Scary!

    Also, I have been having brain clutter overload as well and I agree that we should be able to click and make it disappear! Wouldn't it be nice.(sigh)

  5. so precious!! what an honor shoot this family!!




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