Monday, June 29, 2009


I think it's golden when I get a decent photo of my kids together. This one happens to perfectly capture how they adore each other. Magson is so content to have Maggie love on him, and in his one-year-old way loves on her right back--like today, for example. After lunch and just before nap time, as always, I told Magson to say goodnight to Maggie. Lots of times I'll help him blow her kisses, but for some reason I didn't this afternoon. And then Magson gave us the shock of our lives when, unprompted, he blew her his first ever kiss, lips smacking and all. It made Maggie's day and, of course, turned my mother heart to mush.

And here's a glimpse at how Maggie loves on Magson: the kids play out back a lot on these sunshiny days. I let them wonder to the far end of our little property where there's a shallow green belt and where Maggie imagines she's in a tree house in the middle of the forest. I keep a close eye on them from the window. Anyway, the other day, Maggie rushed inside and called to me, "Mommy! Can you keep an eye on Magson for me? I need to go potty." She's only three and already looking out for her baby brother. What a good mommy she'll be one day.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Most Beautiful Girl

I have three big empty frames hanging on the wall up in Maggie's room. I've been waiting for a perfect photo fit, and I think I've finally found it! I had so much fun playing studio photography with her this afternoon. And magically and thankfully there were no bribes involved...

Just threats.

Threats like "do you want to go to Ashlee's birthday party or not?" Hey, it worked!

Please tell me I'm a normal mom in my inclinations to persuade (and that's putting it gently) my kids to do what I want them to. Eh, I know I'm a normal mom: I think she's the most beautiful girl on Earth.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I told you they were gorgeous. Utterly and unbelievably beautiful people--the nicest people you'll ever meet, too! Maggie loves playing with Princess A, and I love that she has such wonderful friends.

But enough sweet talk-- I'm mad at Target. And I'm mad at my washing machine.

This anger is particularly painful because I love Target, but my washing machine is eating up all the shirts I've purchased from that addicting store. My shirts only hold up for one or two laundry days and then they're nibbled by some invisible creature inside the wash. So, dear Target, I'm breaking up with you and I'm heartbroken about it.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Now that summer is here, our family schedule has slowed down a notch, the most noticeable differences being that preschool is over and I'm no longer driving our sweet neighbor boy to Silverdale in the mornings. It'll be fun to start those things back up in the fall, but until then I'm enjoying a more flexible and relaxed routine. The funny slash not-so-funny thing about my breather is I'm not getting nearly as much done! I guess I'm more productive with my time when I don't have any to spare. Still, it was enjoyable to spend all day today in and out of a good book. My kids (especially Magson) were deliriously happy when I reached The End and played a mini family soccer game with them for family home evening tonight. I love ending a leisurely day running around the yard with them. It was the best part.

But anyway, I'm off to tackle some editing so I can soon share photos of another gorgeous family. Until then, here's a current favorite of my sweeties together.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maggie and Magson

It's been too long. Out of the mouth of my babes:

Maggie Quotables:
  • To Magson: "Sweetheart, we already talked about this, I told you not to scream like that!"
  • To Daddy: "Will you dance with me in the living room?" (It's the cutest thing to watch, and we might need to enroll Maggie in dance asap with Magnet leading her around.)
  • To Me: "That is so horrible! That is so wonderful!" She labels things as one or the other all day long.

Magson Quotables:

  • Na Na (no)
  • Dada
  • Mama
  • Uh-uh (uh-oh)
  • He doesn't say a lot of words yet, that I recognize anyway, but he sure is chatty. And as many have witnessed, he loves to go up to other moms and lay his head on their shoulder. It can be a perfect stranger, he doesn't care! He's extremely friendly that way.
  • Oh, and he's a serious screamer, hence Maggie's first quote. He's figured out that he gets his way pretty fast when he escalates to a high-pitched scream. Forget whimpering, whining, crying. He goes straight to screaming. We're trying not to respond, but it sure is hard!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Everyday Miracles

I'm trying to get all my ducks lined up in a row before I edit and post more pictures of my kids. Until then, I'm excited to get up this peek from my most recent photoshoot. I loved the color scheme they chose--it looked great against their olive skin and deep dark eyes. I especially bonded with the little girl who is my Maggie's age. By the end of the session I got a hug and a kiss! Lucky me. Isn't she darling? Their little boy is equally as darling, but no kisses or hugs from him. :(

It's actually a miracle I have these pictures to share because when I got home after their photoshoot, I reached into my pocket for my 8GB memory card which held hundreds of their pictures. My heart continually flip flopped as I pulled and prodded the life out of my pocket because...

It. wasn't. there. eek. EEK.

I knew this meant it had fallen out of my pocket in the enormous field we used for our location. (Thanks for the lead, Shannon!) This place has weeds up to my shoulders and we covered a lot of territory, so I knew it was going to take a miracle to find it. The problem was I had very little faith that I would find it. It just seemed impossible.

So I prayed hard as I drove back to mission impossible, trying to muster up some faith, since I know it's a key ingredient in miracle making.

We parked and I slowly unbuckled Maggie, dreading the job ahead. As I lowered her feet to the ground, there it was, a little dusty, but there! I couldn't believe it. We immediately prayed our sincere thanks to a God I know hears our prayers. Sigh. So, enjoy the pictures that almost never made it home.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Show Me the Money

Maggie made out big this evening. She came home from our spontaneous photoshoot with lots of promises from me.

I promised she could stay up and watch a movie even though it was already her bedtime.

I promised she could have hot chocolate.

I promised her a trip to the candy store tomorrow where she can pick out THREE things. Sheesh!

And a popsicle.

I still think I came home with the bigger of my own kids! More to come...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Love Me a Pear Tree

A few weeks ago I headed to bed after a traditional late evening of editing pictures that always leaves my eyes overworked and droopy. My heavy legs made their ritual zombie trek to each of the doors in our house, verifying all was locked for the night. Next, at the foot of our stairs, I paused for a moment as I wrapped my sweater tightly to my body and pulled its hood over my hair, as if I were about to forge an uphill climb in a chill that increased with the altitude. At last, I ascended the stairs to a metronome rhythm of about one stair per second, finally summiting at our bedroom door.

I entered, and then stopped. I did some exaggerated blinking and eyeball lifts to make sure my contacts were in place because a double take was definitely in order.


Oh, because there was a big green unidentifiable plant sitting at the foot of our bed. Come to find out after reading the attached note, it was a pear tree, symbolizing our five years of marriage—strong, fruitful, growing. The note said a lot of things that would send any girl’s heart aflutter, but a simple “I love you” was its essence. And then at the bottom: “PS. Pack your bags for a little getaway.”

Happy fifth anniversary to me! I flew down the stairs to hug Magnet from behind and kiss him on the cheek before springing back up every other stair to get another look at my pear tree and reread my note. I love surprises. I love handwritten words of affection. I love a get-a-way!

The next morning I packed the kids up for an overnighter at Grandma’s house. After dropping them off, Magnet and I swung back by our house to plant my pear tree before leaving for the mystery destination. Watching Magnet dig deep into the earth in the far corner of our yard to plant it made me smile so effortlessly; there was no choice about it, my cheeks lifted at the sight. I told him I’m going to want to uproot that tree and bring it with us every time we move.

We left and found ourselves in heavy traffic. We puttered along at a turtle's pace, but it was no matter. Our windows were rolled down to let in the uncharacteristically warm summery weather; we were together, talking, laughing, confiding. Throughout the drive, I kept noticing how he listens so intently and dreams so big for me.

And then we were there! We pulled into Alderbrook Resort and Spa located on the Hood Canal and spent a relaxing two days together! I got to eat in peace, sleep in peace, wake up in peace. It was the perfect surprise destination. He humored me and let me take a million pictures of him, and we tried to get a few of us together with the timer (not too successful). We sat down to a fancy dinner with a seafood menu we weren't in the mood for. So, when our waiter wasn’t looking, we ditched our menus and ice water and headed to a burger joint down by the water where we ate juicy hamburgers and greasy fries. We laughed so hard when after a feisty debate over a topic we don't see eye-to-eye on, I finally said, "here we are, celebrating our fifth anniversary, and I did not know this about you!" We could hardly chew, we found it so amusing and refreshing, to still be discovering new things about each other. (Even testy things.)

The next morning we slept in and then picked up our beautiful kids and came home to our house with the pear tree growing out back. And there it was, the stream of thought I have on a daily basis: I’m so glad I said yes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Boy

I gotta say it: this little one is ALL boy! He's also almost two years old, and from my experience, most two-year-olds love to throw rocks in a stream or sticks in a river. He also loves kicking and throwing balls and blowing kisses to his mama. Too sweet.

*Oh, and the winner of the free photoshoot giveaway goes to Jessica! Congratulations, Jess!*

Alright, I'm off to spend the day at the beach with some good friends. We've had incredible weather up here that can't be resisted! Even with 200 pages left to read before tomorrow's book club and something to come up with for writing group in the morning, the sunshine is calling!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Grace Lindsay

I love the name Grace! And just look at this gorgeous girl. She is such a beauty. I'm in a bit of a hurry today since we've decided last-minute to go spend the day out at the lake, but I really wanted to post a few pictures before we take off, so above is my favorite of her awake and my favorite of her sleeping.

Oh, and stay tuned because I'll announce the winner of the free photoshoot giveaway on Wednesday!



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