Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maggie and Magson

It's been too long. Out of the mouth of my babes:

Maggie Quotables:
  • To Magson: "Sweetheart, we already talked about this, I told you not to scream like that!"
  • To Daddy: "Will you dance with me in the living room?" (It's the cutest thing to watch, and we might need to enroll Maggie in dance asap with Magnet leading her around.)
  • To Me: "That is so horrible! That is so wonderful!" She labels things as one or the other all day long.

Magson Quotables:

  • Na Na (no)
  • Dada
  • Mama
  • Uh-uh (uh-oh)
  • He doesn't say a lot of words yet, that I recognize anyway, but he sure is chatty. And as many have witnessed, he loves to go up to other moms and lay his head on their shoulder. It can be a perfect stranger, he doesn't care! He's extremely friendly that way.
  • Oh, and he's a serious screamer, hence Maggie's first quote. He's figured out that he gets his way pretty fast when he escalates to a high-pitched scream. Forget whimpering, whining, crying. He goes straight to screaming. We're trying not to respond, but it sure is hard!


  1. Darling pics! Ava did the screaming thing. Wish I could tell u something that worked to stop it but I got nada. LOL

  2. HAHAHHAH!!! Oh, that is funny. :) The photos are beautiful; I love the location and I really love the sun-flare in the second one of Maggie!

  3. Love it! Actually, love them! I'm so glad that we're friends so that I can watch your cute kids grow up.

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  5. Beautiful, as usual. I think that Amy is going to take dance class at 4:30 on Wednesdays for the coming school year. She would *love* it if Maggie joined her.

  6. Adorable! Absoutly adorable, Marie.
    You have the cutest kids in town. :)
    I love the one with Maggie sitting in the chair. She looks lovely.
    Magson is growing up to be a handsome young man.
    I am excited for Maggie to start dancing! I know Olivia would love it!

  7. they beyond adorable!! love the back light one!! perfect!!

  8. i love seeing pictures of YOUR kids! =) they are so cute. the pictures turned out great!

  9. Wow!!! Can you photo shop Hailey into the picture in the field? You are so lucky to have such great spots for pictures.

  10. Such cuties, Marie! And that first shot, I immediately thought "you & your sweet locations!"

  11. I love these! Your kids are sooo precious! Magson reminds me so much of Sofie in some of the pictures you post of him. She also goes straight to screaming, so I know exactly what you mean!!

    I hope you're printing some of these to fill up the frames in your house!! :)

  12. I love hearing about your kids! And I love the picture of Maggie in the field on the chair! Wow!! SO cute!!

  13. I love the picture in the field! So cute. And I am glad to know that my Halle isn't the only screaming one year old. She has quite the squeal!

  14. Love the 3rd one, light is great, is fantastic!

  15. Love the shot in the chair in the field :)




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