Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Here is what Maggie has to say about this baby:

"Really cute. Really cute. Really cute! I think her name is Sleeping Beauty!"

OK, I admit, I fed Maggie that line about sleeping beauty, but she did say that she's really cute three times.

Anyway, I have an assortment of pictures of this baby girl. There are some with hats ,bows, headbands, but she gave me her sweetest and most peaceful expressions without all the extras, so her she is, this beautiful and absolutely perfect baby. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me spend a fun evening with you and your sweet family!

Anyone else ready for a nap??


  1. so cute. What a perfect face. Rockin Photography Babe. I lov eyor work.

  2. really sweet, marie! i love them. you always do a great job with your work.

  3. cute! did you crochet that brown back drop thing? you're so good!

  4. 1 and 2 are my favorites. I love her sweet smile in the first one! I always wonder if little babies are dreaming of their heavenly home when they smile like that.

  5. You did great with our little Gracie, thank you for coming all the way out to do it.

  6. Beautiful baby! I wish I could just hold her!




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