Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweet Peek Part 2

One of the reasons I loved photographing these two so much was because they so obviously adored each other with their silly songs and playful interactions. I soaked up the love I felt with them and get teary looking at these pictures, as I so often do while listening to my sappy music and editing into the quiet night. I love kids, so carefree and sweet-spirited.

I sort of felt like a kid again on Friday night when Magnet and I stayed out until 2am at the drive-in watching the new Harry Potter movie and 17 Again. We set up a tent in front of our car and pretended we were camping with our kids while we waited for the sun to set and the movies to start. The kids crashed and I crashed, but Magnet managed to stay awake through both features. Even though I'm physically incapable of staying awake during movies (so unchildlike!), it was a most fun Friday-night family date.


  1. These kids are adorable & they look so sweet, too! Great job capturing their cuteness!

  2. Great photos, beautiful kids! Sounds like a great trip to the drive in.

  3. Those really are some beautiful kids!

    What a fun date/family night! I never would have thought to bring a tent to a drive-in. (We went and saw HP on Friday night too.)

    And speaking of kids who "love" each other, mine are yelling and screaming again. Oh, I hope this is a phase!!

  4. The photos are beautiful; you can definitely see the sweet connection there! And I LOVE imagining your family at a drive-in movie. That's awesome.

  5. These photos ... as are all your other ones ... are simply amazing! You are truly talented! I am glad I got to know you this weekend :) !!

  6. What dolls they are! Beautiful pics as usual my talented friend. Cute idea for the drive-in as well. Maybe we could try that and see a movie with Ava sleeping. Sounds ideal. I laughed when you said you fell asleep, lol. Rob always jokes and says do you wanna sleep next to me while I watch a movie? ha ha

  7. Adorable kids! They could be models for Gap and you could take the pictures, Marie! Great Photos!

  8. fun times! sounds like an excellent family date. the photos are great! looks like you're doing some business, marie. i'm excited for you! hope you are well!
    ps--i fall asleep in EVERY movie i start past 9pm. *very* un-childlike.

  9. oooooo! I love them. I am all about dark skin and eyes. so cute, great shots.




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