Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Did I ever mention that I have two sisters getting married in the next two weeks? One this Friday and the other the following Saturday! So, I'm off to Utah and then Spokane. I'll be back in a couple of weeks, hopefully with lots of pictures!

Until then, I'll leave you with this little story:

Maggie has been begging for a piggy bank for her birthday. We gave her one at her early birthday party last week (she had lots of friends she wanted to invite, but I made her keep it to handful of her girlfriends since we have such a crazy month!). Anyway, we were surprised by her puzzled reaction when she unwrapped the piggy bank.

There was a long pause--confusion all around...

Finally, she broke the silence.

"But Daddy, there's no money in here."

Maybe you had to be there, but we got a good laugh. We started to understand why she wanted a piggy bank so much!


  1. HAHHAHAH!! Oh, man, that's funny.

    Have fun at your beautiful sisters' weddings! I KNOW you will hit it out of the park and do an absolutely beautiful job!

  2. Too cute. She's right in her confusion, really. Who ever heard of an EMPTY piggy bank? :- ) Oh the joy she'll have with that little bank....grandparents, especially, love giving out coins! I'll be watching for those wedding photos! Have FUN!

  3. Great story. Hope you have the best time ever with your loved ones.

  4. SMART girl! Have great time with your family.

  5. that's pretty funny! Let us know if you want us to water your yard or anything while you're gone!

  6. Oh that is so exciting!! busy busy!! can't wait to see what you come back with!

  7. That is a great Maggie-ism. Too cute for words! I hope you have a fabulous time with all of your family. I can't wait to see all the beautiful photos you'll be taking!!

  8. I am sooo glad to be back in touch via the Internet and seeing your fun blog posts! I didn't know they were both getting married!!! Congrats to them! Can't wait to see the pics - I am sure they will be stunningly beautiful!! Cute story about being a mudder - LOVE it and loved your thoughts. LOVED the story about the duct tape mannequin! It gave me a huge laugh and I loved reading about that side of you! Love you!!!!

  9. I think she's on to something. Who came up with the dumb idea to give a piggy bank empty?! Too cute! Have fun at the weddings, give your sisters hugs for me. Can't believe Emma is getting married, remember when she used to call our apartment every Sunday and loved to talk so much that sometime when you had to go get ready for church she'd talk to me? Such a darling girl, can't wait to see the pictures! And I'm hoping Lauren is marrying the boy you said will be in Dallas for some schooling, a visit is in order, I live 15 minutes from Dallas! K, have fun girl, this should have been an email instead of a comment. Sorry! :)

  10. have a great trip! I want a piggy bank with money too!

  11. i can't wait to see wedding pictures!




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