Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elizabeth {Silverdale, Washington Senior Photographer}

I'm loving senior photoshoots! Elizabeth's favorite colors are salmon and turquoise, just some random facts I remember. Also, she likes her English class more than her calculus one (can you blame her?). She has amazingly bright blue eyes, and I kept telling her she reminded me of a movie star, but couldn't remember the actress' name. It finally came to me later on--Kate Hudson! Something about her smile and her soft, flowy hair, I think. And I can't fail to mention that in addition to such outer beauty, she is sweet as sunshine.


  1. Pretty! Seniors are FUN, aren't they?! My favorite is the first photo-love that warm evening sun & the setting!

  2. LOVE these--most especially that third one! What a beautiful girl.

  3. I love her boots! haha. You're just amazingly amazing marie!




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