Sunday, January 3, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

I'm ashamed to say I got this blog award quite awhile ago, and I'm only just now playing along. My friend {Rae at Lulu} awarded it to me--thank you, Rae! It's particularly flattering coming from her because she is both an excellent writer and photographer, plus she's completely likable! I can't imagine there's anyone who knows Rae who doesn't just love her. I've linked to her blog before, but definitely check her out if you haven't already.

Anyway, I've been looking forward to passing the torch to seven other of my favorite bloggers who I've never linked to before. And it's shocking, I know, but several of them are photographers:

{Mamalia and the Hooligans}
She homeschools her six kids and still finds time to make beautiful quilts amongst other cutesy/crafty things. Plus I like the way she writes. Her posts are sprinkled with the most delightful phrases. Always a treat, for sure.

{The Savvy Photographer}
Loaded with giveaways (in fact there are several giveaways going on right now) and always featuring inspirational photographers from around the country, this blog is a must if you love photography! (Plus she posts just about everyday!)

{The Holyoak Family Blog}
So sorry, but this blog is private! I mainly list it for those I go to church with because the Holyoaks just moved into our ward. She has a wonderful family blog with lots of fab photos and the perfect touch of wit/humor. Sooo, track Jill down and get invited to her blog. You'll love it!

{Kara May Photography}
I love the way Kara May writes descriptively and creatively, but more than that, I love how her photography is often featuring the latest Etsy fashions with her gorgeous daughter as the model. Gotta admit, she has quite the life!

{Kimberly Bee Photography}
She hasn't been posting too often lately, but if you're anything like me, to peruse through her previous posts will cause an addiction. Beware!

{Mika Beth Edwards Photography}
It will be obvious why I adore this blog. Her photos are ah-mazing and definitely an inspiration to me. She's been a favorite of mine for quite sometime!

{Vanessa Millecam Photography}
Possibly my favorite of late, introducing the talented Vanessa Millecam. I love her style! Enjoy!

I realize most of the people I awarded will never see this, BUT if you saw yourself awarded and would like to play along, here are the rules: (1) thank the person who gave the award and list their blog and link it, (2) share "10 Honest Things" about yourself and (3) present this award to seven others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you, and (4) tell those seven people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines about receiving the award.

And without further ado~

{10 Honest Things About Me}

1. I love my life.

2. I desperately want upgraded floors and paint throughout my house and I'm pretty determined to make it happen this year.

3. I learned how to knit several years ago and over the holiday buckled down and learned the purl stitch. It evoked anger and unhappy feelings in me, as knitting generally does, but I find myself doing it from time to time anyway. (???)

4. I stink at making visual aids, you know, the kind that involve scissors and paper and lamination. Seriously, ghetto!

5. I hate long nails, especially on me.

6. As of today, I think I'm 85% committed to homeschooling my kids---eeek!

7. I've had the sneezes with this pregnancy, which has been difficult in the holding-my-bladder-department, if ya know what I mean.

8. I eerily wait for a catastrophe because I think I'm long due for one.

9. I read less books and exercised less this year. Sad, sad emoticon.

10. But I learned more in 2009 than I have in a long time. Here's to an even brighter 2010!


  1. Happy New Year, Marie! Honest thing #7-ha, ha!!! And, wow....the much for getting to bed at a decent time. I just spent a hefty chunk of time at the amazing Kimberly Bee's blog!

  2. Fun Marie! I still have yet to do my Honest Scrap post from Rae...ack! I am with you all the way on number 7 there. We can thank our kids for that. :) So excited that you're expecting your third! I can't remember if you've blogged about your due date and if you've found out the gender or plan too...time to go back and check I guess.

    Yay for homeschooling!! I have days and moments where I wonder why I do it and other moments where I don't want to anymore, but overall, I love it and am so happy to be homeschooling. Let me know if you need anything when you're ready! (Moral support, website links, books to read, anything at all, really!)

  3. I want to hear more about your homeschooling decision! there are a lot of people in our ward who homeschool and it fascinates me.

  4. 1, 3, and 7 are my favorites!! (Also, thank you for your sweet words about me. You are awesome.)

  5. Marie--Happy New year! I just thought I would tell you quickly that I have your Christmas card hanging on my fridge. Halle frequently takes it off and kisses Liam. I think it is so cute. Kids are so funny!

  6. I liked reading the honest things about you :) mostly because I knew most of them and it reminded me again how much we have in common...random things. I loved talking with you on the phone the other day!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. It was the book... I know it because it made me want to homeschool too! eeck!

    P.S. Cute post! :)

  9. Hello! First I have to tell you thank you for your kind comment. and are so sweet!!! Thank you so much! I was shocked to be reading your blog and their my name was :) I will for sure pass on this might take me a bit, but I will do it! I am so with you on the whole reading of less books and less exercise! This is my year to get fit again...really this is it! ahahah. Maybe we can hold each other to that! Thanks again...I think you have beautiful work yourself and keep doing what you are passionate about ~V

  10. I know, #7, pretty embarrassing, but true! Actually, I just noticed I haven't been sneezing as much lately. Thank the heavens! I don't know what was up with that! Maybe I'm allergic to pregnancy?

    Abby--I'm due March 19th and we're having a girl! Super excited about that! And I will definitely be hitting you up for homeschool info if I decide to really buckle up and do it. I go back and forth every day on that one. I'm glad I have some more time to think on it. I'm definitely inspired by all you do--I can totally see you being a naturally wonderful teacher. :)

    Finally, Vanessa! I never in a million years expected you to see your award. How fun! Thanks for the comment! Made my day for sure!




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