Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet Tooth

I've seen several photo blogs close out 2009 with some of their favorite images of the year, and sometimes I can't help but copy! So, I'm welcoming a new decade with a 2009 photo recap. I'll admit, I didn't spend a lot of time trying to come up with favorites from the 50-odd formal shoots I had. C'mon, that would take decisiveness, and when it comes to choosing favorite pictures, I just can't. But for different reasons, these pictures instantly caught my eye, heart and emotions. Here's why:

This little guy was adopted from Ethiopia last year, and I love the contrast of his rich skin with the textured fence in the back. Plus that classic baby expression--a tickled mouthful of baby fingers. I don't think there's a happier sight in the world.

Triple mushy sigh--how romantic is this picture? Lost in love in a sweeping field? Tres elegant. (I'm trusting Fancy Nancy is teaching me correct French phrases.)

For me, it's her red hair contrasted with the green in the truck, plus her expression--classic beauty in a frame. Plus everything! Love everything!

You might think this is posey-posey. And it is, and I don't normally like posey-posey. But it was all my four-year-old Maggie's posing. I said, "Hey, beautiful--over here!" And that was her stance of the moment (she's got quite a selection of stances). Combined with the doll carriage, her handmade outfit and the greenery, it's simple beauty, I say.

What do I love in this one? Her eyes against that girly nail polish. And the way she's hiding, yet still giving us a peek at her smile. So innocent, youthful and real.

The light in the background, the texture and color that she's leaning up against, and that eight-year-old innocence in her face. I think "life" and "light" when I look at this picture. It speaks to me every time.

I have so many favorites of this girl. She's my cowgirl sister and my go-to model. What more can I say?

Fairy-like and beautiful. Peaceful. Natural. Content. Pure. In love.

Happiness. Connected. Forever.

Despite my decisiveness disability, I do think this is my all-time favorite family portrait of 2009. I always get nervous before a shoot, especially the kind involving big families--scary! But after this session, I realized how much I truly, truly love it. Yeah, it's challenging and a little harder to get artsy, but geez, I suspect I've developed a bit of a sweet tooth.

Merci to all of you who helped me build my portfolio this year. And to my first clients in this journey, hugs, hugs, hugs! ♥

PS. Check out the "photographie" link at the top of my blog for 2010 Marie Photographie pricing.


  1. Well, when you do make decisions, you make good ones! What a great recap! I love all of those pictures too.

  2. those were all fabulous! i love the backgrounds you find and wish you lived closer so you could take Addison's senior pics! love you!

  3. Awesome, Marie! Best wishes for a fabulous 2010!!!

  4. You've come so far in the last year! You have an amazing talent!!

  5. Lovely. Boy was I surprised to see my little guy in the line up! I may be a tad biased, but he's definitely my favorite. :)

  6. Your talent at photography never ceases to amaze me! What a fabulous 2009 you had. Here's to a happening 2010 :) !!

  7. they are all amazing. What a fabulous year for you and your photography business. I am so happy for you and all of you lucky clients. GO MARIE! ANd the new baby!

  8. Wow! You really are very, very good. I'm impressed. I'll have to start saving my pennies to have you take pictures for us, when this baby is born and I'm not (quite as) round!

  9. What beautiful 2009 photos--and I cannot WAIT to see what 2010 brings!!

  10. Thanks for your encouraging words! It was such a fun year! And Amy, I would love, love to get your gorgeous kids in front of my camera sometime. Friends get 50% off prints. :)

  11. BEAUTIFUL IMAGES... I think I've been blog stalking through your entire venture into client photography and I have to say "Wow" - - you have a great eye for location and the portraits are amazing. Looking forward to seeing you grow even more into what is sure to be a promising career.

  12. Tres Fabuloso!! You're amazing. LOVE the one of Lauren and the one of Em for that matter. Beautiful. Who made 'Maggie's dress?




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