Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yummy, yummy, yummy! Gotta say, this was SO fun for me. Baby boy--six months old--was off the cute radar. Photographing him made me extra excited to meet our baby girl in six short weeks!


Speaking of us and ours, I thought I'd give an update on our little family since it's been so long!

Me-Eating around the clock! Baby girl can't seem to get enough food, especially sweets. (That's my excuse, anyway.) I'm just hoping I can get things under control before I have maternity pictures taken of me in a few weeks!

Mr. Magnet-Busy, busy in the flower shops getting things all prepped for Valentines Day. Check out the Flowers to Go website if you're wanting to send flower love this year:

Maggie-Dreaming about who she's going to invite to her fifth birthday party, which won't take place for another six months. She knows what kind of cake, presents, games, decorations, invitations...and the list keeps going...that she wants. Whew. I get overwhelmed just thinking about it!

Magson-Vacuuming. The kid clocks in with his toy vacuum every day for at least thirty minutes. That is, until he graduated to the real vacuum the other night. He both impressed and entertained us when he hauled it out of the closet and "talked" Magnet into removing the safety plug and turning it on for him. His whimpers coupled with his pouty face is awfully persuasive. Getting his way, he proceeded to mow our carpet for what seemed like an hour with his little tongue poked out in concentration. Our carpets have never been cleaner!


  1. Great pictures! That is funny about the kids! So sweet.

  2. Adorable, Marie! Wow, six weeks to go, huh?! Can't wait to see your photos of your new little one! Cute stories about the kiddos--particularly Magson "mowing" the carpet!!! Hope you got a picture of that--tongue poking out and all! You should post one here! :- D

  3. I love these pictures! So so beautiful. And I can't believe you only have 6 weeks before you get another adorable little girl! So exciting :)

  4. Thats adorable! What a cute little family you have! Can't wait to meet the new one! :)

  5. these are great marie!! that last one is PRICELESS!!! beautiful!! so excited to shoot your LITTLE baby bump :)!!!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the pictures!

  7. that baby is a doll!! and thanks so much for the update on you and yours(and i hope you post some pics of you so we can see your cute pregnant self!!) it makes my heart happy to see you enjoying your life!

  8. Those are such cute pictures. Oh, and I think it is great Magson is into vacuuming! LEt him do it while he thinks it is fun instead of a chore! So fun.

  9. Wow, can't believe it's 6 weeks away!! Can't wait to see the maternity pics!! I love hearing about your kids because ours are in the same stages, although Maggie sounds a little more excited with her birthday plans...that's funny! Sounds like you better start planning too, because it's going to be a big event :) And that's hilarious about Magson vaccuuming, and with his tongue out too, sounds just like Carter! Can't wait to see you all soon :) ♥

  10. I can't believe you only have 6 weeks left already! Has it been that long since I've seen you?? You'd better post those maternity pics--want to see your cute belly! :)

  11. great photos! I agree... off the cuteness radar! I can't believe you are due in 6 weeks!!!! Where did the time go? Holy Smokes! I need to get one of those kids that vacuum! LOL




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