Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Due Date {Eve} & Maternity Photos

Ahem. You know, it really was a terrible idea to let myself think my due date got bumped up to the 19th because the 19th has very quickly come and gone! I guess I should have listened when my doctor told me that even though my most recent ultrasound measured a bigger than average baby, that it didn't mean much in the way of timing her arrival. Did I just say big baby!!? So scary. Scarier by the growing minute. SCARY!

That said, I've been feeling "overdue" for the last week even though tomorrow is the actual big day. Tomorrow is also Magson's birthday. Maybe baby girl wants to crash his party. Maybe she just wants to be fashionably late. Maybe she wants to be really late. I don't know.

Whatever the case, here are some of the thoughts that have been running through my head today, this the eve of my due date:

This morning after waking up to Magson's wailing:

I am a beached whale. How on earth am I supposed to get out of this bed?

It took three gusto-filled attempts to successfully roll myself off my mattress. I then waddled, waddled, waddled to Magson's crib side where I barely managed to lift him out. He continued to cry because I didn't retrieve his toy cell phone from the corner of his crib. I offered him a lame attempt at getting it.

"See? I can't reach it."

I showed him three times that I really couldn't reach that phone, but each time I managed to get unconvincingly closer to it.

Okay, okay. I guess I can reach it. But should I have to at Week 40?

I reached it. I gave it to him. He still cried.

Three kids? Did I really sign up for three kids? Can we handle THREE KIDS!?


I'm sick of these clothes. I need to go shopping for new maternity clothes. If I have to wear this shirt one more time...Ugh! Marie, there is no point in buying new clothes this late in the game. Suck it up. You can go shopping for real clothes soon.


I'm sleepy. I don't want to have the baby today. Maybe tomorrow. And why is it that I don't want an epidural? Am I really going to do this naturally? Is that smart? --???--

On a cheerier note (and I know most of you saw these on Facebook already), my sweet and talented photography friend took some maternity shots of me a few weeks ago. Check out her blog: Shannon Morgan Photography. You'll have to scroll down a little ways to find me.

She's pretty incredible, don't you think? Thanks a million, Shannon! I love them!


  1. You look beautiful every time I see you, and you'll be absolutely great with 3 kids. Just think of how energetic you'll feel once you aren't 9 months pregnant anymore!

  2. You are such an amazing writer Marie! I love reading your blog. (: I could so feel your pain when you were talking about trying to reach that silly toy cell phone! (:
    Your pictures are so beautiful you look so radiant and happy (and WAY too cute for being full term-I'm jealous!)

    Don't worry about the birth, you can do it on your own. Believe in yourself and what your body is capable of doing.

  3. I have a feeling that it will be soon! I (we) hope I am right! Thanks for having the kids over today! We love having your wonderful family as neighbors!

  4. Ugh. I feel your pain, and I've got 8ish weeks to go!
    I keep mulling over the 3 KIDS thing too. I don't have three hands! How can I fit three on my lap? How will I contain three in a crowded store? What about when everyone needs something and we run out of parents, even when Daddy is home, let alone when he's at work?
    I know it will all work out. I remember being freaked about two as well, but not like this. All of my crazy pregnant person dreams focus on the question of having more kids that I can handle. I'm totally confident that you (and I) can hack it, I'm just scared of the adjustment.
    Well, hang in there. Having once been a full 41 weeks pregnant I can definately sympathize. And the waiting game is rough on everyone. Good luck--hope not to see you Sunday! )

  5. I LOVE the photos. You do not in any way look like a beached whale, though I do know that SO-heavy feeling in the end. As for 3, YOU CAN DO IT! YOU SO CAN DO IT! It's not a walk in the park but it's not hell on earth, either. It's so awesome to see how all three of them interact and grow together. And as for doing it without an epidural: You can totally absolutely without a doubt do it. And if you choose not to, NO ONE IS BLAMING YOU! :) Love you!

  6. Your pictures look great--not at all like a beached whale that you talked about in your blog. Good luck with the delivery! It will be fun to see pictures of your little girl!

  7. Those pictures are so beautiful! You are so goregous!! And I love your clothes!! Can we trade when I come? And you SO do not look like a beached whale!! You are such a cute pregnant girl. You don't get big in your face or arms, even at 9 months! Lucky duck. Love you and good luck!! Can't wait to see her!

  8. You look like a model! ♥
    And you can handle 3 kids.

  9. I meant to ask you yesterday: is your Mom going to be able to visit during the newborn adjustment period? I know she had a long visit in the summer/fall. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you.

    Your photos were beautiful (and beautifully modest!).

  10. I had so many of the same feelings when I was expecting Kyle. And he was born a week past his due date, so I understand the feeling of SO wanting to be done, but maybe not. Once he was here though, I don't remember even once wishing I was back to two kids. I wish I was in town to help you out!!

  11. Maybe you and Will should go to Seattle for a nice dinner out or something. I'll watch your kids! I've had two pregnancies where I was driving myself crazy being impatient for the baby to come. Doing something fun and out of the ordinary helped me think about something else for a little while. Don't worry, even if she's two weeks after your due date (Heaven forbid!), she'll still definitely be here in two weeks or less. That's not too long. You can do it! And I really enjoyed three kids. More so than two but it may have been my mental state too.

  12. If you can't do three kids then the rest of us are in trouble with two!!! You're a rockstar. And as for natural, I had Charlotte natural and if I can do it so can you. Unless you decide you don't want to and then who cares anyway, get the drugs. Either way you're sweet bundle will be here soon. Congrats!!

  13. haha, beached whale :) you really don't look that big Marie! You're so cute as a pregnant girl!

    I'm exciting to see you in a month!!!

  14. I'm glad I don't look like a beached whale, haha. I guess it was more a feeling than anything--I was really struggling to get out of bed and it's all I could think!

    Pam, yes, my mom is coming on April 6th for a week! I can't wait. :)

    Mary, thank you! I will let you know if I need to take you up on that. Today was a good day--the sunshine does wonders on my spirits and kept my mind off things!

    And Abby and Andria, thanks for the encouragement about going natural. I can't believe I'm saying this, but today I actually felt excited about going for it. We'll see if I follow through. :)

  15. Very cute pictures! Have you ever done maternity shots before? I think it would be fun, I should do it the next time around! Hope you don't have to wait much longer, and that maybe the baby is here today :)

  16. Ah, the dreaded, yet much anticipated due date. Many hugs and well wishes for you and your family.

    The pictures were beautiful!

  17. Thanks for a glimpse into my near future. I often wonder if I'm ready for three children. Your pictures are simply amazing! I'm looking forward to hearing news about the new baby girl! Yay!

  18. thanks for sharing those thoughts with us - i love getting to know you better when you share things like that.

    you will do awesome however you choose to deliver that baby girl and she is so lucky to have you as a mom!

    your pics were amazing! love that last one the best because it looks like the "marie" i know and love!

    tell your mom hi for me when she comes! i miss that chick!




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