Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Love NieNie

Perhaps you've heard about the oh-so inspiring survival story of Mrs. Stephanie Nielson. Maybe you've seen her on Oprah or read her wonderful blog: nieniedialogues.blogspot.com

But in case you haven't, I thought I'd share this video about her that so perfectly shows what real, lasting beauty looks like. It's a beauty that radiates from people who embrace the knowledge that God has a loving and individual plan for each of his children, a loving plan that doesn't care about how pretty we are, how well-dressed we are, what our house looks like. It's a plan that works to beautify our character and has little to do with outward appearances.

Thank you, NieNie, for showing me and reminding me what true beauty looks like. I think you're amazing.


  1. I love her, and I love this new video. I think she is soooo beautiful and her example is just....amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So touching, thanks for posting that.

  3. I've read her blog before and been moved to tears. She is truly an amazing person with such strong faith in Jesus. I love what she said about her spirit tapping on her heart. I hope that I can grow up and be like her someday.

  4. i can't see very well, but i can listen, and that truly touched my soul. thank you for sharing that marie :)!

  5. Ya that was really cool. We watched it for FHE Monday.
    You sound busy! Thanks for talking to me the other day. 3 kids sounds really busy, but it sounds like you're enjoying it too! Magnolia's cheeks look so kissable! I love it!! I bet you do too :) ♥




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