Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love Story Part 9 {Tears and Raindrops}

(Photo Above taken by my sister Lauren. And the speckles in this picture are actually raindrops!)

After the summer ended, I transferred to BYU-Provo, and just like old times, Will and I were attending the same school. I worked on my journalism degree, waitressed at a Thai restaurant, and got to room with one of my best friends from high school. And best of all, I was busy loving Will.
I loved the way he teased me. I loved the way he was so openly opinionated. I loved the way he’d say “I love you” in that sincere voice of his. I love the way we’d dance goofy style. I loved the way he’d tackle me. I loved out wrestling matches in the living room. I loved the way he’d sing, “You are so beautiful” to me. I loved how he’d sometimes show up to my apartment in his jeans with a huge hole in them and slippers. I loved everything.

Will and I knew we wanted to get married and loved to daydream about our future life together. But we also knew that the soonest we could marry was in May when my parents and family were eligible for a government-funded trip to the States.

You can’t imagine my surprise when he proposed to me in November. I wasn’t expecting him to because by Mormon standards, a seven-month engagement is a long one!

“Let’s go do something outdoors tomorrow—a hike or something,” he said.

“Sure! That sounds fun. I have to take a test, but as long as it doesn’t take me too long, I’m game.”
My test took too long; or rather I took too long studying and made it to the testing center at the last possible moment. When I got home late that night, I could tell he was disappointed that there wasn’t time for an outdoorsy adventure.

“Promise me we can go on a walk or something tomorrow?”

I promised.

When I got off work the next day, it was pouring outside. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to our walk and figured the weather was going to ruin it for us. On top of the downpour, I still hadn’t showered when Will came over. I was in running pants and a sweatshirt. My hair was in a frizzy ponytail state. But he still wanted to go, and I wasn’t about to break my promise.

The rain pounded on the windshield as we drove up the canyon. When he pulled into a parking lot, I was sure that we wouldn’t get out of the car. We couldn’t possibly be going out in that violent rain. But he still seemed to really want to, and I hadn’t showered anyway…I shrugged.

“Alright,” I said.

He smiled and hopped out to dig a blanket out of his trunk. We huddled beneath it and walked the short distance to Bridal Veil Falls.

“Here we are,” he said.

I looked up at the waterfall and remembered the last time we were there and how it was raining then, too. When I looked back at Will, he was on one knee.

“You are my first, last and only true love and I want it to stay that way forever…,” he said. “…I want to take care of you, Marie. Will you marry me?”

We were drenched, but I didn’t think of that. I looked uuuuuuugly. But I didn’t think of that either. I just looked into his beautiful and clear blue eyes and watched them tear up as he spoke, and I said yes.
We hugged and kissed and hugged some more. He put a CTR ring on my finger and told me he’d take me shopping so I could pick out my ring. And then he went looking for the roses he’d hid in the bushes several days earlier. He finally reappaeared with the sopping wet flowers, and with tears and raindrops on our cheeks, we laughed as we ran back to the car.


  1. This could seriously be a best selling little novel. It brings back so many up and down memories for me too. I'm so very glad for that happy ending. Love to both of you!

  2. Yes! That was mean to leave us all hanging! I LOVE your story! So sweet!!! I have learned so much about you!! I'm impressed you remember so much detail and I love the way you write!

  3. I'm cuddled up on a very uncomfortable couch in a motor home reading your story. It's beautiful! Will is a great person. I'm so happy he waited around for you. Yay for true love!

  4. Marie,

    Thanks for finishing the story. I wondered if I'd just missed the ending or something. What a great story! I couldn't stop reading them, and I agree, you could sell this! I don't know if you want to. It's a personal treasure, I bet. It was so good to come to your house this past week and visit. Thanks for putting up with our little crazy bunch. Thanks for taking our photos. You and Will are a beautiful couple and have a really cute little family. God bless you!

  5. Great story, Marie, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hooray for happy endings! This is the ONE time I will be grateful for late-start Wednesdays because it meant that I had time to ignore my kids and read your story. Thanks for not leaving us hanging any longer!

  7. Beautiful story, Marie! I'm so glad you finished it. There are so many details I had never heard before. I'm so happy you and WIll got married!! Love you.

  8. this is just SOOOOOO sweet! i totally teared up! I'm so happy for you two and the wonderful life you have together :)

  9. Amen to all the other comments! This is beautiful...what a sweet love story. You and Will are a stunning couple. All these pictures of you two are amazing. I just love you.

  10. I love it!! I love that I already know the story and I still read it all.=) And I am so happy you didn't marry Channing. Blake was all concerned when we were married and we saw you guys together bc he was a big fan of Will.=) so sweet and what a great life you have made together. You are inspiring me to write my love story too. Although by Mormon standars, we were certainly married very fast!

  11. Great story!! you have talent for writing, and i agree with Lisa--this could be a best-seller. I loved reading it and getting to know you and Will a little better.

  12. Very well done. It was worth the wait.

  13. Loved it! Marie, you are an amazing writer and you had me totally sucked into your story. In fact, my kids have been pulling on my legs, whining about who knows what, and yet I couldn't pull myself away! Maybe now that I'm done reading I should go help them :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful story!

  14. Thanks so much for reading all of that, you guys! :) I know it was long!

  15. Oh my word! LOVE, LOVE, LOVED reading every minute of this. Chills and tears and smiles and sighs, the whole time.

  16. I randomly stumbled upon your blog and started reading this story, and it pulled me in! I feel like I can relate to that so much...I met my current boyfriend at BYU-I. I'm not sure yet if he's going to turn out to be a Channing or a Will...but your story really gave me a lot to think about! Thanks!

  17. I'm so glad you finished your story Marie!!! I enjoyed every word of it. It is 12:22am and I should have been in bed a loooong time ago but I just couldn't stop reading. (: Your story is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. P.S. I don't even know your husband but now I feel like I do and I'm loving the kind of man he is. There's nothing better than a good man! (:

  18. Beautifully done Marie! I'm forever grateful for the men we ended up with! What lucky girls we are! And to be mother's of their children! It's a dream come true! I loved reading your love story. It brought me back to those days at BYU-I. Even though we both went through a difficult relationship there, I still have such fond memories because that's where we both met our eternal companions.
    Isn't it funny to think about the endless hours we daydreamed about these days with our husbands and children, back in college, and now they're here, and it's so amazing and more than I could've daydreamed!
    I'm still laughing that I didn't catch on to who Channing was until you talked about his mom being a nursing professor. I loved her! I hope they're doing well. And I thought you did a really great job writing about that time with him...very genuine and thoughtful...I hope he is happily married too.
    Ok, now I want to write mine! Did you refer to your journal a lot or did you just remember all of the details? I cherish all those journal entries! I'm so glad we diligently wrote in our journals during those times!
    Wow, long comment...Love you Marie and I'm so happy for you! It makes me smile when I think of you guys together and how it all ended up for both of us!! ♥

  19. Marie you are an artist! Your photography and story are first rate and very touching! I hope you will take our family photos when Chris gets off of his mission in May and before Danny goes on his!

    Diane Burt




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