Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blue, Blue Eyes

Cute little Josh is one super happy kid! His curly locks and blue, blue eyes combined with his silly and energetic personality make him so lovable. He didn't exactly want to stay inside the frame when it came to family photos, but what two year old does? Thanks for letting me capture your love, guys!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This is just a quick update for those waiting for their print orders or galleries to be up. I have been having some serious computer issues. Thankfully, I bought a new computer today and can start playing catch up. Thanks for being so patient!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Loving Every Minute

Three months. 12 Weeks. 111 days to date.

I love this baby. And I wish there was a more profound, moving, shout-it-off-the-rooftops way of saying it. She came here radiating love for all of us despite our imperfections, especially mine.

So yeah, even with all the LOUD around here, she's angelically calm. Unless we're talking to her. If so, she'll coo back at us with her own surprisingly loud, beautiful noises that get me teary writing about them because I love them so much. Why does she have to grow up so fast? Let's just stay here forever, with me kissing her cheeks, and her lips and her toes all day long. But then again, as impossible as it seems, she gets cuter and more lovable by the minute.

Ever so much love to you, my three-month-old baby doll. I've had the best 111 days with you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Beach Boy

I've been wanting to do tub shots for awhile. And then my dear friend Claire (who's coming to visit me this week-yipee!) mentioned maybe doing some bath shots of her kids while she's here. She's got some empty bathroom frames to fill. Anyway, it got me motivated to get out and practice. And now I'm having trouble deciding which of these is going to make it onto my bathroom wall...

Picture #1: Loooooove his smile. It's the best.

Picture #2: Look at his toes! Magson has never had small feet, but they've officially outgrown the baby stage. Welcome big boy feet. You are still so cute.

Picture #3: Again, sweet smile. These mommy eyes can't resist the happy shots.

Picture #4: I think I'm most partial to this one. Something about it screams "I'd be perfect hung up in the bathroom."

Any voters?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bright Angel

Sweetest family you'll ever meet, right here. I went home and continued to think about how wonderful they were. The parents were so natural and sweet, and the kids so delightful and polite. The little one was super shy and it was endearing to watch the family love on her to help her feel comfortable in this place she'd never been before. I asked what their last name meant because it sounded German to me. They told me it meant something along the lines of bright angel. What a perfect fit of a last name.

On another note, I almost stopped at the nearest store on the way home to buy hair dye because I really, really wanted to be a red-head after an evening of looking at these gorgeous girls through my lens. My maiden name is Allred--maybe I've got a shot at red-headed baby someday?

Hope you love your little peek, bright angel family.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Snaps: Pixie Dust

I suppose I can't promise a Sunday Snaps post every week, but I will sure try to do this often. I was all ready to post last week--had pictures picked out and everything--and then my computer was acting slow and my eyes were feeling heavy and I threw in the towel because putting together a blog post is slow enough without a slow computer.

But I'm back! Maggie loves, loves her baby "sissy." In general, I hate that pet name, but coming from Maggie's sweet and adoring voice, my ears are warming up to it. Maggie is at her baby's side constantly throughout the day, usually helping Magnolia clap her hands together while singing over and over again:

"You are the CUTest little piece of pixie dust in the WHOOoooole world."

And those words are pretty much stuck in my head all day long, and now I sing it, too. It's catchy.

Here's Grandma Rise loving on Magnolia. Her coos are the cutest thing ever. It seriously sounds like a baby kitty purring. I love gobbling my baby girl right underneath her chin. She makes the cutest soprano sounds when I do that.

Here's our "cutest little piece of pixie dust" with Rise's sister, Aunt Muriel. We love her and I think Magnolia looks so dainty in this photo.

Poulsbo has an awesome fireworks show every year on the 3rd, and Magnet's parents have an incredible view. My kids loved bouncing around on the hammock while waiting for it to get dark. They stayed up way too late, but it was worth it because they loved the fireworks.

Oh, and I've been busy this week making cute little flower headbands for the girls. It's so easy, you just take a lighter to circles of silky fabric and the edges curl up. Then you just hot glue the circles one on top of another and voila! You should try it, but I must warn you that it's quite addicting!

Finally, my little Magson is sure growing up! In the last few weeks he's made the transition to a big boy bed, and we're talking BIG BOY BED. It's a queen, and it sits way up high off the ground. He loves it, though, and his brown body asleep in a sea of white is a lovely sight, indeed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I love it when photos show love, and I think these are bursting with it. With two curious, active, beautiful boys, you can imagine there was a lot of running around and exploring, and that's what I love about photographing kids. It's always, always a unique adventure. They bring so much life and magic. After photoshoots, I hurry home to look through all the pictures several times. Discovering the keepers feels like Christmas morning every time. Love it!



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