Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bright Angel

Sweetest family you'll ever meet, right here. I went home and continued to think about how wonderful they were. The parents were so natural and sweet, and the kids so delightful and polite. The little one was super shy and it was endearing to watch the family love on her to help her feel comfortable in this place she'd never been before. I asked what their last name meant because it sounded German to me. They told me it meant something along the lines of bright angel. What a perfect fit of a last name.

On another note, I almost stopped at the nearest store on the way home to buy hair dye because I really, really wanted to be a red-head after an evening of looking at these gorgeous girls through my lens. My maiden name is Allred--maybe I've got a shot at red-headed baby someday?

Hope you love your little peek, bright angel family.


  1. I love the Englebrights! I've known Krissa for years. :) That is so awesome that you took their pictures. They turned out beautiful!! Love your work, Marie!

  2. I love these! You make me want to come to WA so you can do our family photos....also so I can see you, of course! ;)

  3. adorable pics! Ooo! Red could be fun! If you do it, you better send pics! :)




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