Thursday, August 19, 2010

Handsome, Handsome

We go to church with these guys. They are so wonderful! I remember camping with them a few summers back and every time I spotted the sweet momma of this crew, she was playing with all the kids, helping them play Candyland together or singing some fun song with her gorgeous voice. You couldn't meet a nicer family. Really.

Maggie goes to preschool with the oldest boy pictured above. She loves him! She thinks he is so silly and funny. I love it. It's such a gift to watch my kids grow up with such wonderful friends.


  1. So cute! What a photogenic family! I love this family too! I love these pictures!

  2. Fabulous! My girls were so excited when I showed them. I love them all, but the one in which Baby B has only one shoe really got to me!

  3. I love all the pictures you took! Thank you, you do excellent work! I love the one without a shoe it makes it that much cuter! And we're so lucky to have such great friends for our kids!

  4. Just realized I never commented on this post... Super cute! I have to ditto what Pam and Cheryl said about the one shoe pic. Love it! These all turned out great.




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