Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scott and Christina--Engaged!

I love color. Color, color, color. But with this session it was different. Black and white beckoned, and I went crazy with it. When it comes to love, I often think black and white images speak to the essence of romance and commitment and forever even better than color can. Plus it's so darn classy, timeless and elegant.

The bride is my ever so lovely and beautiful and smart and funny sister in law, Christina. Can you tell that I love her so much? And her handsome man, Scott, is so sweet and calm and good. I love them together. This last year has been so eventful with weddings and pregnancies (my two little sisters who got married last August are pregnant and due in December!) Finally, we have brothers in law and cousins on the way.


But without further ado, what is love if this ain't love?


  1. Congratulations to Tina and Scott . . . and good job Marie on these engagement photos! They are beautiful.

  2. Christina looks beautiful! I love your photos Marie, you captured them beautifully!

  3. Tina is so so beautiful! I love all of these. Especially the ones where she's got that giddy smile on her face :) These are gorgeous Marie!!

  4. I think these engagement photos are my favorite ever! So so so beautiful and no over the top public displays of affection. Congratulations to them - they look beyond happy!

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! These are sooooo great! They're so cute together :) I'm so happy for Tina. What a gorgeous bride :)

  6. I love the black and white!

    And holy cow CONGRATULATIONS to Emily and Lauren!! So awesome.

  7. oh man where is my comment, i posted earlier and it isn't here :)! SOO sweet marie! congrats to them!

  8. I love the pics! I love seeing her so happy! She looks so much like her mom in a couple of them! :)

  9. Yipee! I'm assuming this is the guy you were telling me about right? I'm excited for them!! I bet Magnet's mom is ecstatic!! How was your weekend? Did you make it back ok? How did Magnolia do? The engagement pictures are so cute. I think my fav's are #6, 7, 9 (left), and the last one. When's the wedding?




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