Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a Ride

If I remember correctly, I got my first DSLR in November of 2008. I will never forget that rainy day. I remember looking at Magnet as I pulled it out of the box, kind of scared to touch it. But touch it I did, and I've been a passionate, crazy, obsessed person about this art ever since. I love discovering who I am as a photographer, and one thing I've noticed is that old and rusty, colorful and classic cars make me want to click my heels. Lately I haven't even had to go scouting them out. They just seem to arrive at my sessions. At this photoshoot, I started with Claire and her cute fam standing against the shingled wall below. And then Claire said, "Marie, look at that car. It looks just like you."

Of course, I stopped everything and switched gears. Photography has brought out the car lover in me, and so naturally, I made them sit in front of it while I took way too many pictures. I was just waiting for the owner to approach me and say, "Uh-hmmm, can I help you?"

Thanks for a million happy memories, Claire. Here's to a million more to come! (Heart.)

How do I make the heart emoticon on a Mac? Anybody?


  1. Love the first photo on the top left! Beautiful sibling shot!

  2. adorable!! They're such a cute family and that car matched their outfits perfectly!

  3. I love seeing them. They are so dang cute, as always.=) Good work.

  4. Wow, thanks for making us look so good :) I'm sure you did lots of editing :) I love that wood wall. You have such an eye for where to take pictures! Addy saw the truck pictures and said, "that was really dangerous, why did she want us to sit there?" I thought it was kind of funny, but did agree that it was dangerous and told her we wouldn't have done it if the truck was on! I'm glad I got a picture in that purple shirt because I washed it when we got home and it came out of the dryer with holes and rips all over it!! :(
    Thanks again for taking pictures of us! You are SO SO SO SO good at it!! I get so many compliments of the pictures in our house that you've taken. Next time, the silver bath tub photo shoot right ? :)
    We miss you guys so much already! Thanks for the great time!

  5. Hooray for old rusty cars (LOVE THEM) and hooray for such a beautiful shoot!

  6. Was Claire's son wearing Magnet's little jacket?




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