Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Oh, Shelby. You know you are such a favorite of mine! It was a complete treat to photograph you again this year. I'm still jealous of your freckles, exquisite blue eyes and auburn hair. You are so chill and comfortable in your own skin. Maybe this is normal for high school freshmen, but way back in the day on my first day of high school, I was sporting big, baggy Eddie Bauer (did I mention oversized?) t-shirts tucked into my jeans... and my paper lunch sack in tote. I had tight tootsie roll bangs and short/short hair. And I was so self conscious! Not cute. Uh-uh. And here you are, looking like you're straight out of a magazine. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful snowboarding season this year, and I hope you always keep that calm confidence about you because it's beautiful!

Big Hugs,

In other Marie Photographie news:

*My first 10 clients to order Christmas cards will get a 10% discount.

*I'm booked for 2010.

*I'm going to both Newport Beach, CA and Germany in the month of October! Okay, so that's not photog news, but I cannot wait to see my family and photograph them and my babies near cobblestones and castle ruins, so it's kinda photog news. Yum.


  1. Great job, Marie! She's gorgeous! That's so awesome that you & your family are going to Germany! Wow!

  2. wow! She really could be a model! beautiful! I LOVE her outfit, and her scarf..I'm so jealous that I can't wear scarves anymore :(
    Can't wait to see pics of your little babies in Germany! yay!
    btw, you WERE cute as a freshman..there were just different styles back then haha :)

  3. These are gorgeous shots, and I can't wait to see your photos from your upcoming travels!!!

  4. Have fun on your trips!

    and OH MY GOODNESS she is so beautiful. No wonder you put so many pictures up of her because they are ALL so good! Made me reconnect with some old friends this afternoon! =)

  5. she is so beautiful!! gorgeous photos!! have fun on all your vacations!! and congrats on being completely booked for 2010!!

  6. Fabulous pics - as always! And even though I haven't seen any pictures of you when you were a freshman, I have to agree with Lauren!




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