Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Here is a taste of my gratitude list (in no particular order) this year:

*Beautiful families such as the one below who choose me to take their pictures. (For those of you who know Amy Neal, this is her cousin!)

*My friends for their goodness and support.

*My husband for continuing to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

*My kids for reminding me every day of what's most important.

*My mom for always being so willing to help me, most recently with sewing Magnolia's stocking.

*My dad for giving the best hugs.

*My siblings for being the best aunties and uncles.

*Flowers to Go for providing for our family.

*My church for ever so many blessings.

*My neighborhood full of friends and wonderful people.

*Electricity! We had a crazy power outage earlier this week that really made me grateful for the simple things in life.

*My writing group for keeping me going. :)

*Second chances and tomorrows.

*My inlaws for treating me like gold.

*My life.

*And most of all, God, for His perfect love.

Happy Thanksgiving! And to the cute, cute family above. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon! I loved your handsome little one and truly enjoyed getting to know you!


  1. Cute family! I like how they included their dog too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful pictures :) Love you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Great photos! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Oh my take the most beautiful pictures, which I already knew, but I love these of us so much! Amy called just to tell me about these beautiful pics being up on your blog. Thanks again Marie!




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