Saturday, December 18, 2010

Airplane Boy

Ever since we made our October trips to California and then to Germany back-to-back, Magson has had a thing for airplanes. He liked them before, but now he's obsessed. So, while we were at the library last Friday, I checked out three random airplane books for him. I've gladly read them over and over to him because I think his little obsession is completely adorable, and because as long as we're on the topic of airplanes, we can have this conversation:

Me: "Have you been in a big airplane way up in the sky?"

Him: "Yep!"

Me: "Where did you go?"

"Emma-mee!" (Germany.)

"Who did you see in Germany?"

"Ummm... Ummm... Ummm... Grandma! Lisa! Grandpa! Tracy!"

And that little conversation right there makes my heart soar. We don't see them nearly enough, and so we talk about them, and Skype with them, and take a zillion pictures when we're together. And I love how months pass without them seeing their grandparents that live across the big ocean, but they're everywhere in this house. They're talked about every morning when we open our advent calendars that Grandma gave them. They're often there at bedtime when I read them their books, many of which have been given to them by my parents. I always read the inscriptions my mom writes on the front pages. And then she signs off with:

"We love you, Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Tracy."

They're there in our prayers. They're everywhere because we miss them so much and think they should move to Washington. (Port Orchard, that is.)


  1. So cute! We should definitely skype soon.

  2. So sweet. But if they moved to WA, what excuse would you have to go to Germany???

  3. "Emma-mee"! He is just sooo adorable! This picture is the best! I looove all of their face expressions so much! Magnolia is seriously the cutest piece of pixie dust in the whole world! ♥ And oh my goondness!! I miss talking and dancing and singing with Maggie like crazy!
    I love you guys!

  4. Oh my Gosh...Magnolia is to DIE for in that picture!!! Really, I think I could take her home with me!

  5. Cutest picture EVER! I love it. Mom and dad are the cutest grandparents, and those kids are adorable! So so cute.

  6. Love it! We are always petitioning our parents and siblings to move up here too. :) When Kyle rode on an airplane at about the same age as Liam, right at takeoff he yelled, "To infinity and beyond!" He was so excited. Boys are so much fun!




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