Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Snaps: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve was pretty exhausting for me because I had so much to do. I spent the morning cleaning like a madwoman because I wanted things tidy for Christmas, and in the afternoon I had some things I had to do. I was pretty bummed that I'd procrastinated so much and absolutely had to run errands on Christmas Eve. All of these things were making me feel a little homesick for my mom's Christmas Eve magic. Back home songs fill the air as everyone practices for the evening's celebration where we each share a Christmas piece--a poem, a story, a musical number. The food is amazing. Everyone's dressed up. There's excitement in the air, and a very special spirit.

My kids were certainly excited, but I didn't feel the magic until Magnet got home from work and I got the kids all dressed up to go to his family's wonderful Christmas Eve party. While we waited until it was time to leave, I stood back and took 5 million pictures of them playing in front of the Christmas tree. That's when my Christmas Eve magic arrived, and that's why we were late to the party. They looked so beautiful against the backdrop of my snowflake Christmas tree and handmade stockings.

The party was nearly perfect. It's only flaw was that Grandma Rise and Grandpa Billy had to stay home because they were sick. But what I loved about the party was that Baby Magnolia lounged in Great Grandma's lap for what seemed like forever...even with me sitting right next to them. Usually she has to be sitting with me if she can even smell me. (Mama's girl, that one.) And so while Great Grandma held her, I got to enjoy a peaceful dinner. I also loved Uncle Roger's hilarious stories. He told us about how a few weeks ago he got into a little tiff with some lady at a car wash and sprayed her with water. The lady ran around in circles and then called the cops. You had to be there, but stories like that made the evening hilarious. I mean, seriously, who does that?

We came home, got Santa's goodies all situated, and tucked the kids in at 10:30pm. That's when the wrapping began. Who knows what time I got to bed. And then, of course, I couldn't sleep because I was so excited for my kids to open their presents in the morning. Gotta love me some Christmas Eve magic.


  1. You have to show this Grandma Kay and Grandpa! They would love to see your baby all dressed up in your knitted baby coat and bonnet from Great Grandma Ivy. I keep looking at the picture and wondering what how that red ball is hanging from J's chin!?

    You definitely have the Christmas magic. I need more pictures!!!

  2. Okay, I figured it out. It is a beautiful red flower!

  3. Oh, haha! I also thought it was a red ornament at first! She is so sweet!!!

  4. Isn't it so exciting? And exhausting? :)

  5. I love that picture! Someday I'll learn how to take pictures of my kids - hopefully before they're all grown up and out of the house. I'm glad you found some Christmas Eve magic. It definitely takes some advanced planning and even then, I think the kids feel it more than the parents. (But isn't that the point?)

  6. I can totally picture Uncle Rodger telling his car wash story!! I wish I could have been there. Like you, I am homesick for Christmas with the family. I miss you guys and love you all very much!

  7. I thought she had a red ornament hanging from her tongue as well - haha. But it's just her hair band around her neck :) Soooo excited to see that girl in just about 2 weeks!! :) And hello perfect Christmas tree - it's so gorgeous!! You're amazing.

  8. I knew right away it was one of "those" flowers, but until I read Emma's comment, I thought you had it clipped to her sweater. It looks really cute right there. When do we get to see more of your beautiful Christmas Eve magic?




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