Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Emma Grace

Ten Things About this Gorgeous Baby Girl:

1. She is the youngest of five with two brothers and two sisters. You can see them here.

2. Her nursery is pink and brown.

3. Her mom is a really good friend of mine, who I just love! She has difficult pregnancies and suffers a lot of discomfort and pain during them, but here she is with her fifth beauty. You are amazing, Court!

4. Her dad was so happy to kiss on and snuggle her. I love it when men are comfortable loving on their babies in front of the camera.

5. She has tons of hair just like her oldest sister did, and they think she's got Chloe's cute nose.

6. Grace is after her Grandmother.

7. She's proving to be a good sleeper already!

8. Her mom made her all the cute purple accessories. I loved the variety!

9. She has amazing hair! Not only does she have hair, but it's this rich and beautiful brown, a shade that I personally have never seen on a newborn baby.

10. I loved every minute with her!


  1. Hahahaha! That one of her up on her elbows is sooooooooo cute! Great job, Marie. She is a beautiful baby girl!

  2. All of these pictures are so sweet. I'm impressed!

  3. She is a DOLL, and you're right--that hair is amazing! Hope we see her again on your blog in a few months! :- )

  4. Oh my goodness. The one where she is resting on her hands is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  5. Everything you touch is MAGIC.

  6. These are all incredibly sweet and heartwarming, but the one of mom and baby is so gorgeous of both of them. And I agree, it was adorable to see such a tiny baby so perfectly propped on her little elbows.

  7. What a sweet baby!! I love her big bright open eyes in a few of them, thats the funnest part of a newborn, is to see their little eyes open! How did you get her to put her little chin on her fists like that? That was so cute!!! :)

  8. These are amazing, as are the other pics you take. You are a master! What a beautiful family - but I am biased.

  9. I LOVE that that picture of her propped up on her elbows! Courtney you are SO beautiful and so is your little girl. (:




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