Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Snaps: Every Little Thing

Because Magnolia is still nursing, I always put her to bed, and Will and I switch off with the other two. On Thursday night it was my turn with Maggie. So, after feeding and reading to my baby, I crossed the room to Maggie and listened while she said her prayers:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for these blessings.
(She always says that... I'm not sure what exact blessings she's referring to, but I'm glad she feels blessed!) Please help Magnolia to stop crying and go to sleep.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Short and sweet.

I crossed the room again, back to the crib. I wrapped my crying baby up, calmed her with a few bounces and coos, and then put her back down smiling.

Before long I was back with Maggie. We were all situated and snuggled up together, but not far into her bedtime story, we got interrupted again--this time not from crying, but from some serious baby jabber. Magnolia was so uncharacteristically loud and talkative that Maggie and I had to look over and see what was up. We both got a good laugh because we were so surprised by what we saw.

Magnolia had pulled herself up and was standing against the crib rails! And my was she proud of herself, making all sorts of announcements!

I hurried to my bedroom to get the camera, and while I fumbled with my settings, I hollered for Will to come see.

He came quickly, and then it was really show time for Magnolia. She waved to him and smacked her lips when he blew kisses to her, all while standing up, mind you! I love how even though she's my third little one, we get just as excited about every little thing.


  1. Ahhh! She's standing! How adorable :) What a little beauty. And gosh, Bella's prayer was hilarious!!

  2. She looks so proud of herself. I'm glad you all got to share in her excitement.

  3. how fun! she is getting so big!

  4. Yay for Magnolia! And seriously, how cute is her little face in those pictures?! I love her sweet, toothy grin!

  5. I bet it took her awhile to get to sleep after all that excitement. What a doll she is!

  6. oh my goodness that's adorable!! way to go magnolia! what a fun memory too :)

  7. So sweet! Will you come photograph every special moment in my life or how about just every moment?!=)

  8. awww! you can just feel how happy and proud she is of herself! I loved getting a glimps of this moment through your eyes!

  9. I love her happy expressions, you can tell she's just beaming with pride. (That last picture of her with Will is so sweet.)

  10. Marie, this is SO PRECIOUS. That gorgeous, smiling baby girl, proudly standing there in her jammies....LOVE it! And, that last shot is beyond priceless. Lucky little girl to have these captures someday!

  11. So cute!! What more can I say!?




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