Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Will You Be Mine?

Happy Valentines Day! A day late, I know. But as I finally began editing this family's session tonight (more of his brother and sisters to come), I couldn't help but goo over what a cutie patootie this kid is. His little face belongs on a Valentines greeting somewhere, like this here old blog. So here we are greeting you with much love, even if it is late.

My Valentines Day was interesting. It always is since Will is so busy running the flower shops. After a week of hardly seeing him at all, I was expecting him home around 8pm last night. I always like to get the house extra clean and make a special dinner for him. But right as I started preparing a German dish, the power began flickering and then went completely out. Boo.

But lucky for the kids and me, my friend Jen invited us over for a delicious minestrone dinner, since she has a gas stove and had dinner already made before the power went kaput. They really are the best neighbors! Will got home not long after we did, and there was lots of excitement as he walked in the door with roses, heart-shaped cookies and batteries for the kids' flashlights. We had such a nice evening catching up amidst the candlelight that I don't think it's a Valentines Day I'll soon forget.





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