Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bryna & Peter by Marie Photographie {Kitsap County, WA, Engagement Photographer}

Here's what I remember about the lovely Bryna and her fiance, Peter. (I have a terrible memory, so hopefully I've got this all straight...)

She’s a physician’s assistant.

And he’s a political consultant.

They met online, and on their first date, they were instantly attracted to one another…

Except Peter didn’t think the date went that well. So, when Bryna called him afterward, he was thrilled.

Not too long into their courtship (Am I allowed to say courtship? It sounds so old-fashioned, but I like it.), he took her on a trip to Paris on what I'd like to call the mother of all dates... (Paris!)

They live in Seattle, and she loves how he cooks for her almost everyday, and we're not talking mac and cheese. Before he became a political consultant, he worked as a chef. And word has it, he's got skills.

They love to go on picnics together.

She loves his smile and blue eyes...

He loves this pink shirt on her, and said he always notices when she wears it. She laughed because she's had it for years and was surprised that he picked it out when they were deciding what to wear.

Post wedding, they're off to Italy for their honeymoon. Drool. I told them to go visit Lucca. They said I'm the second person to recommend that cute little city, so I think they might take me up on it.

Bryna has the cutest laugh and dimple!

And she brought along a beautiful quilt that she and her grandmother made together. So sweet.

Bryna is an Irish name, and Peter is a family name. Don't call Peter "Pete." He doesn't like that. I just made it sound like I called him Pete during our photoshoot and he got after me. No, we just got in a big discussion about names, and he happened to mention that he doesn't like being called Pete.

And there you have it, a bunch of random, all-over-the-place facts that my brain could conjure at 1am. Can you tell that I had the consultation with Bryna? It was so fun to hear about all the things she loves about Peter. And then on picture day, it was so fun to see how obviously smitten he is with her. Thanks so much, you guys! I wish you the best!

Now I'm off to finish packing because we're headed to sunny AZ in the morning. With all of the thunder/lightning/hail/rain/wind going on up in this neck of the woods, I'm thrilled to be headed south for a bit!


  1. What a beautiful couple. Good job on these Marie!

  2. They are a beautiful couple. You can definitely see the love. Great job! Oh, and I am soooo jealous that you are headed for some sunshine. Our extreme rain is really getting me down this year!

  3. I love the black and white one where she's looking adoringly at him and he's smiling knowingly at the camera.

  4. Ooh, these turned out so cute! She's a cute girl. And I'm not just saying that cause she gushes over my kids every time I see her. Okay, maybe that's a little bit why. Great work, Marie!

  5. great job marie! PS I promise I havn't just stolen your seamless. I have a maternity here in PO next weekend and was wondering if I could hang on to them for another week. No problem if not!! I hoping for warm dry weather so we can mostly be outside :)! have fun in the sun!




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