Thursday, March 24, 2011

One of a Kind

What is it about motherhood that makes you want to publicly declare the one-of-a-kind love you have for your one-of-a-kind kid, but you can’t... because no words are one-of-a-kind enough?

That’s how I’m feeling tonight, but here I am wanting to tell the world that this birthday boy of mine is so dear to me, so I'm floundering for the words anyway.

He turned three today. It’s kind of selfish, but I hate that he had to do that—turn three. But I figure that if I jot down the things I love about him at this age, it won't be quite as hard to watch him grow up because I'll always have the memories.

I love how affectionate he is. Out of the blue, he'll come give me a big hug and look me deep in the eyes and tell me he loves me.

I get to hear, "I wub you, Mommy" almost every day, totally unsolicited.

When I carry him up the stairs, he often asks,

“You okay, Mom? (I think he knows how HEAVY he is.)

“Yeah, I’m okay…are you okay?”

"Yeah, I okay."

He hates getting left behind and is always saying, "Wait for me!"

And just now he came into the room and buried his head in my lap and said, "I just missed you, Mommy."

The other day I overheard him and Maggie talking...

Maggie: "When I grow up I'm going to be a ballet teacher."

Magson: "No, no! you can't grow up!"

Atta boy...set her straight!

Yeah, his open and sweet way of showing his love toward us is definitely something I love about my birthday boy. Snapshots of the festivities coming soon!


  1. awww, what a sweetheart! I miss him! he really is such a cutie :) Happy 3rd Birthday Magson!

  2. Happy Birthday! He is so cute and so sweet!

  3. He's so adorable. Really. What a sweet boy! Can we arrange a marriage between him and Penelope? You think he could learn to like her?

  4. Um . . . Jill, not Kiff. But that would be really funny.

  5. haha, I figured it was you, Jill. :) And yes, I'm all for an arranged marriage. I think they've hit it off quite nicely. :)

  6. Wow, while I've been away, you've been posting a ton! I enjoyed catching up on all your posts! Your birthday boy is so handsome! Gorgeous photos of him!

  7. Oh! They're all turning three, these kids of ours that were babies just a few minutes ago.
    Such pretty, pretty pictures of him (I know he's a boy and all, but SO pretty. And also handsome, sure) I think you could get away without words.

  8. That is one beautiful boy! And I always hated the third birthday; it seems to sound the death toll of babyhood.

  9. Oh, sweet boy Magson! What a handsome little man. I love him so much! Happy Birthday, buddy!




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