Friday, April 8, 2011


Let's talk about this picture, shall we?

You can't believe I posted it? I can't believe I posted it.

But behind all embarrassing pictures, there's a good story, so here you have it.

It was our first Halloween together as a married couple. We lived in Sandy, UT, just down the street from my Aunt Diane and Uncle Michael. There was a Halloween party at church, and we had nothing to wear and no other plans.

"Oh, just come over to my place. I've got a bunch of old costumes," my Aunt Diane offered. "You have to dress up for the party."

I was instantly spellbound and giggly when she pulled out the pig costumes because a.) they were ridiculously funny, and b.) they were matching, and when you're a newlywed wife, you like the idea of matching.

I laughed and pointed and examined those costumes. I thought about what a hit we'd be. Will shook his head and laughed, too.

"I'm not wearing that," he said when I looked at him with flirtatious enthusiasm in my eyes. "No way."

"Oh, come on! It's Halloween. It'll be fun!"

"Nope. Not gonna happen."

Then I pushed him into our Aunt's bathroom and told him to just try the costume on.

I put my hand over my mouth when he came out. This was just too good. We were setting an amazing tradition of many spectacular matching family costumes to come. This was the beginning of a costume legacy.

We went home and somehow--I don't know how-- I got Will to put that costume on again. (True love, I tell ya, it's powerful.) Yep, Will got back in the pig costume. Before long it was time for the party. We got into the car and drove the few minutes up the road to our church building. When we pulled into our parking space, we just sat and observed our surroundings for a minute.

To our left, a couple had their kid perched up on the hood of their car so they could apply last-minute paint to his teddy bear nose. Parents: uncostumed.

Ahead of us a fashionable couple walked into the building--uncostumed.

No costume here. No costume there. There's not a full-grown costume in sight.

I looked over at Will. He looked over at me. I looked down at my udders.

"What were we thinking!?" I screeched. "I am not going in there! Let's go home."

"Waaait a minute," was his quick response. "We're going in there. You got us all decked out. You stuffed a pillow under my shirt, remember? We're going in there. It'll be awesome."

And suddenly we completely reversed roles; he caught vision of just how funny this scenario was, and I caught vision of how ridiculous we looked.

I obeyed and got out of the car, but he was forced to push/nudge/prod and eventually pull me into the building. I mentioned we were new in town, right? I'll leave the town's reaction to your imagination. It's probably similar to the reaction you had when you saw the picture. But just know that Will soaked up every last one of those laughs. Can't you just see it in his eyes?


  1. I wish I could have been there, but I love that you posted the picture. Are those baby bottle nipples???

  2. sooooo cute!!! I love those costumes!!! you guys are adorable :)

  3. Awesome. Did they come with pig tails!?! What a good idea!

  4. So hilarious, Marie! (This was way better than the scanner solution, BTW.) I'm so glad he made you go in. I think Kiff would have agreed to go home. Maybe. I don't know. Yay for Will!

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Marie, thanks for the giggles this morning!! Too funny! Here's to wonderful memories!!

  6. Haha!! I love it! How funny and cute! I'm glad he dragged you into that party.

  7. Thanks for the chuckle and for sharing that memory with us! If that would have been me, I would have started home immediately. Good for Will for convincing you to go in! Oh - and love the nipples!! (that's something i never thought i'd say!)

  8. A whole different side of you, Marie. Great photo and great story.

  9. ahaha! That's pretty hilarious!

  10. I think I just cried actual tears laughing at this. SO funny!

    (Sean would like to submit a point of order: pigs have teats, not udders. Now you know, for the next time you dress up as a pig!)

  11. Oh Marie that is too funny! Such a fun story to look back and laugh about! Thanks for sharing haha.

  12. Oh that is STELLAR! HAHAHAHAH

  13. Oh. My. Goodness. This had me laughing so hard! You are so awesome to entertain us with these costumes. Thank you for posting this!

    And to add to Amy/Sean's comment, do you know the difference between teats and udders? I do. Sad.

  14. No, I don't know the difference between teats and udders...enlighten me? Or I can just go look it up.

    Yes, Mom, I think they were baby bottle nipples, but I don't know for sure. Aunt Diane would know!

    I don't remember there being pig tails, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were and my memory is just failing me.

    And Nicki, your comment made me LOL. :)

  15. There are tears coming out of my eyes! Oh I love you two. This made me miss our late night hang out sessions when you guys were engaged. (Although not too late - thanks BYU curfew!) You are adorable, even when you are embarrassed. Rob and I had the same thing happen to us this year in our ward (us being the only ones in costume). Luckily mine was just a witch costume but Rob was dressed in a bright pink jogging suit! But the pigs still top that. :)

  16. OH. MY. GOODNESS! I love the pic and the story is even better! Your blog provides me with so much entertainment & admiration for your work Marie!

  17. This story made me smile the whole way through! Very cute. (:




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