Friday, April 15, 2011

Snaps: 29 Things About My Birthday

1. We celebrated in bits and pieces over four days.

2. I dyed my hair because of grays. Hello tints of red. Much better.

3. On day #4 (my actual birthday), Will and the kids surprised me with homemade cards, a strawberry cheesecake and two lovely renditions of "Happy Birthday" even though we'd been celebrating here and there for the past three days. I wasn't expecting that!

4. Will got me "The Book Thief" and I'm already hooked. He also sent me off on a little shopping spree. What a sweetie.

5. Fresh birthday flowers on my table!

6. I met up with three of my favorite ladies at my fave store, Goodwill! They were determined to find treasures that would spruce up my kitchen. You should have seen Will's mom and aunt take over the silverware section. We heard people say things like, "Wow, your enthusiasm is contagious..." as these two fought strangers for a matching set of spoons.

7. Maggie and I went to Forever21 and tried on all of their sunglasses. She was in heaven skipping and spinning to the music and getting all bejeweled in their mother load of dangly charm necklaces. It's so fun to have a girly girl.

8. My family sent me lots of German chocolate and lovely gifts--like a heart-shaped polish pottery dish. Love!

9. Part of Will's card said, "Another wonderful year has come and gone. Thanks for spending it with me. Let's make this next year even better." Sure do love that guy. It really does keep getting better.

10. On the front of Magson's card was a sleeping volcano he drew. Inside the card, and next to an exploding volcano, Will helped him write "Have a blasting good birthday!" Magson jumped up and down when he gave it to me. I thought he might explode.

11. Maggie's card to me had a beautiful rainbow drawn on it. And she was so excited that she knew how to write "M-o-m" all by herself.

12. Will and I went on a date, just us two. Usually we have Magnolia with us on our dates, but she's getting old enough to be left for longer periods, and so I didn't have to rip my food into little pieces or wrestle any wiggles. I just sat there and talked and ate. It was weird. A really good weird.

13. After our dinner date, we went exploring in World Market and then we went to Target where I got what will likes to call "Cleopatra sandals" and photoshoot-worthy swimsuits for our girls with the gift card Will's sweet brothers got me.

14. I made Will try on a bunch of hats and was quickly reminded that aside from that hat below, hats don't really fit Will. Oh, and I was also reminded of what a goofball he is! You should've seen him cowboy around in some of those hats. :)

15. Magnolia sort of slept through the night, which is worlds better than me saying she didn't sleep through the night.

16. I slept through my birthday movie. Some things will never change.

17. I got to chat with two of my bff sisters.

18. Will said "Happy Birthday" to me at midnight like he always does.

19. I got 14 of the coolest cups ever! Thank you, Rise!

20. I bought anti-wrinkle cream that's supposed to diminish fine lines and puffy dark circles. It's not working.

21. With the birthday money Will's grandma gave me, I really want to buy this suit. Thanks again for the money, Great Grandma!

22. It was a sunny day. (!!!!)

23. Will's sis gave me a perfect-shade-of-purple shirt with matching earrings. I wore it immediately.

24. I tried on jeggings. I really wanted them to look cute on me, but they didn't.

25. We hunted some more for sunglasses. No luck.

26. On Sunday Will's family had a birthday dinner for me. I didn't have to cook or clean up a crumb, and the food was amazing. To top it off, we had banana split ice cream cake. Yum!

27. I kept missing my family's phone calls from Germany. But we finally connected today and I especially loved hearing them sing the last line of the Allred version of Happy Birthday. ..."And many more, just like before, cuz we love you!"

28. I felt crazy spoiled and very loved. Thank you for the cards, hugs, phonecalls, FB comments and gifts! I am a lucky girl to have such sweet people in my life!

29. I'm wondering if anyone has advice for my last 12 months in my twenties? Eeeeeek.


  1. oh what a wonderful birthday!!! Happy happy 29th birthday, it sounds like it was great! :)
    (and Steve doesn't look good in hats either!)
    anyway, loved this post! :)

  2. I'm glad it was wonderful! You deserve it!

  3. What a great birthday! I'm glad it was so special. I love you so much, Marie!! Happy 29th.

  4. Sounds like it was a great birthday week! One of my brothers was known for being able to make his birthday last and last and last, usually for at least a week. From what I hear his wife enables this behavior just as much as my mom did! ;)
    Happy 29th!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Sorry, I don't believe that you didn't look adorable in jeggings. Heck, I wear them...but not with the rear part showing.

    ....sleep is the only thing for dark circles, so good luck. :)

  6. I'm so glad you had a happy birthday! You deserve to be spoiled!

  7. Hey, The Book Thief is my latest favorite book. Happy Birthday, again!

  8. I am SO happy that you had such an awesome day!!!

  9. That sounds like it was an awesome birthday. And don't be afraid of your 30'they're eve better than your twenties-seriously.
    P.S. Goodwill is my favorite store too!!! The P.O. one is the best. Aaron is always afraid when I go there to "look around" because I always end up spending a fortune...ironic, isn't it?

  10. I'm glad you had such a good time! You are amazing and I'm glad you got spoiled!

  11. glad you had such a great b-day! my mom has those same goblets - love them! good luck in your search for the perfect sunglasses! let me know when you find them! Loves!




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