Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Winning Model

And the random winner of the photoshoot giveaway is Theresa who wanted to nominate her niece. On my Facebook page, she wrote, "I have a niece who just turned one. She's been on T.V known as the grapefruit girl from Youtube. I would love to nominate her if I still can."

Well, I did a little search for a grapefruit girl because I thought it would be fun to post the video, and here's what I came up with...

Is this your little grapefruit girl, Theresa? She sure is cute! And what a funny video! If this isn't her, send me the link to her Youtube video and I will post it here. I will email you tomorrow so we can schedule her photoshoot!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. I procrastinated doing the drawing until just now because I hated that there could only be one winner! I'll have to do giveaways like this more often...

PS. Here is another funny video I was introduced to this last weekend...maybe you've seen it already:


  1. Oh my goodness that video clip is HILARIOUS!!!

  2. So sad that you have never seen charlie bit me until now!! That is the best!!=)

  3. I agree, Heather. How could I be so out of the loop? That Charlie video how a crazy number of hits!

  4. Oh my goodness both of those were soo cute! I wish my kids spoke with a britsh accent, everything they say sound so super adorable :)!

  5. What a sweet and patient older brother of Charlie! Both those videos made me smile.

  6. Super super cute!! That little girl's lucky to have won this giveaway :)




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