Thursday, June 16, 2011


It was 2pm before we were all finally ready to go for the promised walk to both the little park and the big park in our neighborhood yesterday. Well, everyone was ready but me. I still hadn't showered! A few steps in, it began to rain. I thought, no big deal, it's just a drizzle.

But then I hollered to the kids to hang on a minute.

"I need to run in and get a jacket for Magnolia. Wait right there," I told them.

After getting her into warmer clothing, we set off again, but now it was more than sprinkling. I wanted to turn around. I tried to coax the kids into coming home and going to the park later. But they just kept pedaling on their bikes, and I quickly gave up.

And so on we went for a mile in the rain. I was in flip flops. Magson was in shorts. Maggie in a dress. We came home looking like we'd jumped into a pool with our clothes on. We definitely weren't fully prepared for that rain, but I have to say we made the most of that adventure and came home smiling. And even I was glad we went.

Aside from our walk in the rain, nothing spectacular happened yesterday, but I loved it with everything in me. I think it's because over and over again in the last few weeks and months, I've been reminded of just how fragile our lives are. I've gathered so much strength and inspiration from people who bounce back from huge trials and adversities with faith and love. Hearing about two tragic stories just the other night helped me cherish the moments of my life a little more and a little better yesterday.

The sun came out again as soon as we were home. I thought that was kind of funny and ironic. The sun always does shine again--even when it's pouring out.


  1. Gotta love those moments of appreciation for the good in life.
    It's good to play in the rain!

  2. so cute :) I love the pics of Bella. I miss that girl! But today I booked our flights for August AND December!!! So excited! :)

  3. I love that, Marie! It really is so important to cherish those moments! Miss you and your cute cute kids!

  4. I needed this post today, been wallowing, in my rainy day a bit today, even though the sun is shinning, and everything is fine, it really is. I need to focus on the sunshine, so thanks for the reminder!

  5. So so beautiful. You remind me of that new Mormon message. :) you're an amazing mother.




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