Friday, June 10, 2011

Cole Cowboy

I could gobble this baby cowboy right up. Cole, you are Gerber-baby cute! And so is your mom, all fit and doing yoga moves on her first-ever vlog. Well, maybe she's not Gerber baby cute, but I think she definitely has gobble potential.

Oh, and please don't be annoyed with me for sending you over to Notes She Wrote again. I just can't help myself, since this was our big kick-off week. I ain't gonna lie, we're taking this baby pretty seriously. It's like blog or die over there. (Help!) Just kiddin'.

And one last thing, today marks the fifth day in a row that I've posted, although most of my posts have been short and sweet, minus the monster love story. (Thanks for all the sweet emails and comments from those of you that read it, by the way. They meant a lot to me!) So yeah, I guess posting Monday-Friday is doable if the majority of them are little posts. Do you guys like that better? Shorter posts more frequently? Or would you rather bigger posts less often like usual?

It's like me asking if you want a little snack everyday or dessert once a week? Hmmmm...


  1. Well, I'm selfish and want snacks and dessert! haha!

    Cole is a cute patootey, that's for sure!

  2. I like snacks every day.. and then dessert every once in a while :) That's how my diet works ;)
    And Cole is the cutest cowboy ever!!

  3. Blog or die!!!!!
    and, DON'T gobble me!!!!!!!
    haha, and I think Cole is pretty cute too :)

  4. Okay, I liked the little post, but found myself wanting more Cowboy Cole pics.

  5. I love it that you are posting more! And I love what you've been posting! I love the pictures of Lissie. She is so pretty! I also love your new blog with your sisters! How fun to share that! Anyway, post away. I always get excited to see what you've shared! And I love your love story! Very well written and I love the pictures that go with it! Love, love, love!!!! You're great, Marie!

  6. Gah he is so stinking CUTE! And i would have to agree with what Emma said haha

  7. I enjoy the more frequent posts!




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