Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Childhood Friend

The beautiful mother in these pictures is one of my oldest friends...seriously, I think I met her and her twin sister when I was about eight years old! We would often go on day trips to visit castles and beautiful parks together when both of our families lived in Germany. Oh, and I remember our moms would trade; her mom would teach me and my brother piano lessons, and my mom would teach the twins how to sew once a week--pretty awesome stuff, and such great memories.

Anyway, I was delighted when they made the trip up from UT to WA to visit their family up here and also have me photograph them. The only bummer of the evening was their photoshoot went by way too fast. We didn't get to hang out long enough! Such is life. :( There is never enough time!

But without further ado, I hope you guys love these pictures as much as I do:

And PS. I can't believe so many photogenic people could be bundled up in one family. You are one good-lookin' bunch!


  1. I've been waiting for these. What a beautiful family!

  2. Hahaha!!!! I'm so giddy with excitement Marie! Thank You so much, they are just gorgeous! As always you capture things...moments, feelings, personalities, that no one else I know can. That is why it was worth it to me to have you take our pictures. I realy wish we could have spent more time with you. Until next time, I guess, right. <3

  3. What a beautiful family! I especially LOVE the one of the Dad giving the son a piggy back right and they are both smiling at eachother.... agh so cute! Great Job!

  4. AAAHHH!!! I was SO excited when I realized it was my dear Leslie!! YES! THESE ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. I'm sorry. I'm literally shouting. These are just exquisite.

  5. Oh! How adorable! I am so jealous! You did an amazing job! Thosw Wilsons really are ardorable, aren't they? I love love love that family! And I miss you too! Someday, Marie, I will get the chance to have you photo my family too! Take care!

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Beautiful family :) These pictures are amazing!!

  7. great pics! Now you want to come down to Utah and take some of my family?

  8. absolutely stunning!! what a fun photo shoot :) It's got to be surreal to take photos of your beautiful friend and her family...knowing that not too long ago you were friends in elementary school! :) It's still surreal to me that my childhood friends and I are married and have children...life is good :)

    again, such darling photos Marie. they must cherish them! :)

  9. These photos are so full of life and happiness, love them! :)

    The Cat Hag




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